Home Sweet Home : Fancy a Wishing Well in Your Own Backyard?

Some say the tradition of the wishing well started in Europe, but has worldwide significance.

REF: Wishing Well Tradition – History, Origins, Rituals

Water being viewed as the giver of life, the early Celts and Germanic people attached a sacredness to water. A belief developed that any wish made over a source of water would come true. Somehow the idea of making a wish spread and the Make-a-Wish custom as of today is practiced almost worldwide.

Fancy having a wishing well in your yard? It could be a lovely (and relatively inexpensive) addition to a peaceful garden?

Wishing Well Outdoor Fountain

Makes a wonderful addition to your garden

Outdoor Classics American Wishing Well

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Make a wish in this well fountain and listen to your outdoor space come alive with sounds of streaming water with this historical American Wishing Well Fountain. Water flows from one bucket to the other before falling into the well. All the water movement will help you achieve relaxation with the soothing water sounds. The cover on the top helps to shield the well from debris. This fountain is constructed of lightweight yet durable fiberglass.

Features: — Uniquely designed fountain that works as a stand alone or among flowers or shrubs — Durable fiberglass material meant to withstand most weather conditions — Electric recirculating pump included. Self contained unit, no plumbing needed — 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty — 49Hx21Wx21L Weight: 45 lbs

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Beistle 55050 Prestige Wishing Well,
29-Inch by 13-Inch by 26-Inch

Solar Powered Water Fountains!
Serenity Health & Home Decor

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  1. Love the idea of a wishing well in my garden. There are some lovely ones to choose from.

  2. Gypzeerose

    A think a wishing well would provide a beautiful centerpiece for any garden. I remember one of my mother’s friends had one, and she a microphone there where she could talk to the children when they threw their pennies in. Unless it really was the fairies talking like she told me!

  3. I never thought of having a wishing well right at home!!

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