How to Make a Walking Dead Zombie Christmas Tree

Make a Tree that Will Last from Halloween Through Christmas!

Do you love The Walking Dead? Then Make a Walking Dead Zombie Tree! Make is small or make it large, but you really do need to make one! Decorate it with your favorite characters, and with, of course, zombies!

We have all you need to decorate a first rate Zombie tree. There are ornaments of all your favorite characters, ornaments of zombies, lovely skulls for a tree topper, and we even have zombie head tree lights! There are also awesome porcelain snowflake ornaments as well as zombie picture ornaments from Zazzle.

To wrap it all up, we have all 5 seasons of The Walking Dead on DVD, so you can buy any you don’t have or buy the whole set for a fabulous Christmas gift!

First Start Out With A Black Tree

The Perfect Base!

Whether you plan to make a large Zombie tree or a small one, we have you covered! Black is the color that we feel is the best base to make the perfect Walking Dead Zombie tree.

2 Foot Black Artificial Pine Tree, Halloween and Year Round DecorHoliday Time Pre-Lit 4′ Indiana Christmas Tree, Black, Clear Lights5′ Pre-Lit Black Laser Artificial Christmas Tree- Orange LED Lights6′ Treetopia Basics – Black Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear

Skull Tree Toppers

The Best Top for a Zombie Tree

Looking for a proper top for your zombie tree? A star or angel is not exactly right, nor is a bow. How about a skull? We have what you need! Get a festive red skull, or even a cool silver or gold one! Guaranteed to creep out everyone!

Life Size Model Human Skull Replica, SilverLife Size Model Human Skull Replica, RedLife Size Model Human Skull Replica, Gold

The Best Walking Dead Ornamemt

Daryl With His Crossbow

The first ornament on any self respecting Walking Dead tree would have to be Daryl. He is famous and has endured five seasons of zombies so far! No WD tree is complete without this ornament!

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon & Crossbow Ornament

Set of Four Walking Dead Tree Ornaments

Includes Daryl, Michonne, Rick and a Zombie

These are perfect for a Walking Dead tree. Not only do they feature three of the best characters on the show and a zombie, but they also have a great saying from each character on the back of each ornament:

Daryl – You better watch your mouth, sunshine
Michonne – They deserved what they got
Rick – They’re screwing with the wrong people
Zombie – Beware, I bite!

Kurt Adler Walking Dead Dics Ornament, 80mm, Set of 4

Zombie Ornament

You Have to Have a Zombie!

Highly detailed and super scary, this is one ornament that you have to have for a Walking Dead Tree. What is a zombie tree without a zombie?

The Walking Dead ® Zombie Ornament

Glass Ornaments of Your Favorite Characters

Images on Both Sides!

These glass ornaments are a little over 3 inches, and go well on any size tree. A great addition to any Walking Dead themed tree,

80mm The Walking Dead Glass Ball 3/asstd.

Zombie Lights for Your Zombie Tree!

Two Styles

These lights are perfect for a zombie tree! Put a few sets around the branches and all sorts of zombies will be looking back at you. Awesome!

Kurt Adler 10-Light Walking Dead Light SetKurt Adler UL 10-Light Walking Dead Walker Head Light Set #WD9151

Picture Character Ornaments

Rick, Michonne and Daryl

These ornaments are 4.1 inches and feature, The Ring Leader (Rick), the Samauri (Michonne) and the Archer (Daryl) They look great on a zombie tree!

4.1″ Flatback Resin The Walking Dead Ornament

Zombie Porcelain Snowflake Ornaments

Lovely Accents for a Zombie Tree

These porcelain snowflakes feature different saying about Zombies. Hanging an assortment of these on a black tree make it much brighter!

3dRose “The Hardest Part About a Zombie Apocalypse” Ornament3dRose “Keep Calm and Kill Walkers” Snowflake OrnamentZombie eat flesh Snowflake Porcelain Ornament

Zombie Ornaments

On Zazzle

These zombie ornaments are a great finishing touch for your Walking Dead Tree. Scatter them throughout the branches and enjoy from Halloween to the New Year!

SCREAMING (skull) ~ Square Metal Christmas OrnamentSCREAMING (skull) ~ Round Metal Christmas OrnamentSCREAMING (skull) ~ Double-Sided Ceramic Christmas OrnamentZombie Square Metal Christmas OrnamentZombie Round Metal Christmas OrnamentZombie Double-Sided Star Ceramic OrnamentZombie Double-Sided Heart Ceramic Christmas OrnamentZombie Double-Sided Oval Ceramic Christmas OrnamentZombie Double-Sided Ceramic Round Christmas Ornament

The Walking Dead on DVD

Own All Five Seasons

The Walking Dead: Season 1Walking Dead: Season 2The Walking Dead: Season 3The Walking Dead: Season 4The Walking Dead: Season 5

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  1. Gypzeerose

    Shows you what I know! I never even thought of combining Christmas trees and zombies. You have come up with some hilarious and fun ways to celebrate Christmas – the Walking Dead Zombie Tree. :)

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