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Do You Want to Look Like Your Undead for Halloween?

The Undead are one of the most freaky and loved races in the popular online game, World of Warcraft. Basically, they are a cross between a skeleton and a zombie. They are humans that have died from a plague and been risen as the Forsaken army of Lady Sylvanas. Besides having a partially skeletal face, they also have no flesh around their elbow or knee joints. All pants are cut off above the knee, as well as shirt and robe sleeves are also cut off above the elbow to proudly show off “dem bones.”

So while not being full skellies, undead do have many of the same characteristics, so I decided to include skeleton costumes in with this costume page. To create the proper undead effect, skeleton costume parts must be used as well. Check out my selection, as well as the awesome Videos I have showing how to do some very cool undead and skeleton makeup.

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Boney Skeleton Full Suits

For Men and Women

Put these suits on under your clothing to show through in the appropriate places, or wear them by themselves. Either way, you will have the bones you need to build the perfect undead costume or skeleton costume.

Men’s Skeleton CottumeAdult Skeleton CostumeWomen’s Spandex Skeleton CatsuitAdult Skeleton Jumpsuit

Just Need Boney Arms? Legs? Torso?

Just Buy What You Need!

If you prefer separate pieces to a one piece suit, then we have all the pieces you need. Gloves or gauntlets are perfect if you need some boney hands or arms sticking out of your sleeves. For a boney torso we have a skeletal dress or tank style top. Legs can be skeletalized with a full pair of tights, great for comfort and warmth, or over the knee socks, if you prefer that look. Get bones where you need them!

Women or Men’s Skeleton Half Finger GlovesWomen or Men’s Skeleton Fingerless GlovesSmiffy’s Skeleton Female GlovesVoglee Hot Women Black Skeleton Printed Tank TopVoglee Women White Skeleton Printed Tank TopWomens Skeleton Costume DressWomen’s Skeleton Print Full TightsSkeleton Over the Knee SocksWomen’s Acrylic Skeleton Over The Knee Socks

Undead or Skeleton Faces – Best Made With Makeup

Easy To Do, With the Right Tools and Makeup

Skull faces are one of the easier makeups to do. It only takes a few colors and a plan. These make up kits have all you need to get the job done. If you prefer temporary tatoos over makeup, we that those too!

Bloody Mary Skeleton Professional Undead Makeup KitCinema Secrets Woochie Voodoo Skull EZ Makeup KitSkeleton Face Temporary Tattoo Kit – 2 Complete KitsSkull Make-up Kit

How to Do Makeup for Undead Females

A Video Tutorial

Undead Fright Wigs

The Perfect Addition to an Undead Costume

You need the hair to make the outfit! What is an undead without the wild tresses? Purple, green, yellow or white, they all look great!

Undead Wig – GreenSpike Hair WigTraditional Fright WigZombie Creature WigCosplay Wildhair WigPurple Cosplay WIg

Skull Face Makeup

A Video Tutorial

Undead or Skeleton Zombie Costumes

For Women

If you are looking for the appropriate attire for your undead character, look no further! These costumes are the perfect compliment to your female undead look!

Undead or Zombie DressMistress Zombie Dress and HeadpieceUndead Zombie CostumeUndead Bride Costume

Undead, Skeleton or Zombie Costumes

For Men

Doesn’t matter if your undead is a warrior, rogue, alchemist, or warlock, we have the clothes you need! The outfit describes what you are, and what you do, so it is very important. Dress it up or down with details of your own.

Men’s Skeleton Grim Reaper CostumeZombie Shawn CostumeSkeleton Zombie Doctor CostumeSkeleton Zombie Warrior CostumeZombie Ninja CostumeZombie Crusader Costume

Costume Weapons

The Finishing Touch for Your Costume

If you are a caster undead and need a staff, or a warrior that needs a sword and shield, we have them. There are also rogue daggers and an awesome two headed ax! Any weapon you need we have it!

Witch Staff (Standard)Small Blue & Silver Cobra StaffDragon Lord Sword and Shield StandardEmerald Japanese GreatswordDark Assassin DaggerTwo Headed Axe

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I didn’t know about the WOW Undead. I think I would really enjoy this aspect of the game more than any other – I love thoughts about crossing the border between life and death.

  2. I see a fun range of spooky costumes. Love the skeleton costumes

  3. These are great ideas for putting together an undead character in costume for Halloween or cosplay. Love them!

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