TY Peekaboo Phone Holder

TY Peekaboo Phone Holder

The ty peekaboo phone holder is the cutest! I originally saw it on a TV commercial and it caught my attention. These adorable little stuffed animals hold your smartphone and they are universally compatible. The beanie boo eyes take a peek at what you are doing. They all come with the authentic Ty heart-shaped tag. Wanna use your device hands-free? Nestle your phone in their lap and make a post on Facebook or Instagram, have face time or text a friend or simply play one of your favorite video games. After all that screen time your phone may need a cleaning. Peekaboos have you covered, the bottom is a screen cleaner too!

TY Peekaboo Commercial

The peek a boo song ad really sticks in your head. It goes like this peek a boo, peek a boo, peek a boo, peek, peek peek a boo, peeka, peeka, peeka boo. Peek a boos stuffed animal holds your phone, made by Ty.

Peek A Boo

Guess who’s watching you..

TY Peekaboo Phone Holder Collection

The peek-a-boos plush phone holder collection is growing to include dogs, cats, owl, unicorn, bear, fox, giraffe, owl and monkey. They can also hold candy bars, other small electronic devices, gift cards and business cards. Great for gift giving!

 Ty Beanie Babies Peek-a-Boo Phone Holder- TrixiCheck Price Ty Inc Peek A Boos Plush Phone Holder w Screen Cleaner Bottom Uni the UnicornCheck Price TY Beanie Boos – Peek-A-Boos Phone Holder – Jesse The GiraffeCheck Price TY Beanie Boos – Peek-A-Boos Phone Holder – Poo The Panda BearCheck Price Ty Chimps Peek-a-Boo Plush AnimalCheck Price Ty Peek-A-Boo Phone Holder with Screen Cleaner Bottom, Pups Dog by TyCheck Price TY Beanie Boos – Peek-A-Boos Phone Holder – Sly The FoxCheck Price TY Beanie Boos – Peek-A-Boos Phone Holder – Zelda The DogCheck Price TY Beanie Boos – Peek-A-Boos Phone Holder – Scout The Husky DogCheck Price Ty Beanie Kids – AngelCheck Price Ty Peek-A-Boo Phone Holder with Screen Cleaner Bottom, MillyCheck Price

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