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“All the Korean historical dramas are all so beautifully made. The sceneries, makeup and costumes. Everything.”

“Yes indeed! Visually stunning! A treat for the eyes. Everything! Including the hair pins! Especially the hair pins!” :)

Agree or disagree?

(Quotes found on Tumblr.)

If you don’t agree, it’s probably because you’re never seen a Korean historical period drama. If you had then you would know that you could create a collage or a montage of 1000s of scenes of women wearing those fabulously beautiful hair ornaments. Pick the ones that suit your fancy and then go shopping to see if you can find them! :)

My intro to historical K-dramas was by way of a 2009 TV series, “Tamra the Island“. There was a scene in one of the episodes where the mother of the main male character was looking at some beautiful hair pins presented to her by her future daughter-in-law. Even though I could not stand either one of those female characters (snobs with a capital “S” for snakes), the hair pins were undeniably pretty!

Winter – Illustration of young Korean woman with braided hair

Artwork for sale. Found on Etsy

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If interested in knowing more about the history of these hair accessories here are two suggested links.

♦ Huidrom, Yaisana. “Accessories for Women in Joseon Dynasty Era.Mystic Korea. Yaisana Huidrom’s Personal Blog, 7 Jan. 2012. Web. 23 Mar. 2017.

♦ muchadoboutlove’s Entertainment Blog. “A Guide to Joseon Hairstyles and Headgears” The Talking Cupboard. 17 Apr. 2013. Web. 23 Mar. 2017.

If interested in purchasing a gorgeous hair pin, here are my suggestions.

Not only are the costumes in Korean historical period dramas very authentic, right down to the beautiful hair ornaments the women wore, but these hair accessoris make such a lovely gifts. Don’t you think so?

Sonjjang Korean Traditional Hairpin Ornament for Women Hanbok D165

Sonjjang Korean Traditional Hairpin Ornament for Women Hanbok D147

Sonjjang Korean Traditional Hairpin Ornament for Women Hanbok D66

Sonjjang Korean Traditional Hairpin Ornament for Women Hanbok D160

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Hanbok Hair pin Korean traditional accessorie for Hanbok _gold butterfly &flower #01

Beaded Handmade Bird Korean traditional Bohemian Bridal Hairpin

Tangerine Cherry Hydrangea blossom hair pick (HP)

So natural floral hairband – Korean Traditional Hair band Baessi-Daenggi

These are not hair pins. They are figurines. Irresistible! Agree?

Unique Gift Ideas

Silver J Korean dolls, King and Queen, handmade marble figurines

Silver J Korean dolls, King and Queen figurines, handmade marble doll gift

Handmade Korean Dolls – Collectible Figurines

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I think these Korean hair pins are just so gorgeous – indicative of a beautiful culture.

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