The Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

The Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

Remote control cars for kids are toys that never go out of style. They are loved by kids of all ages and adults too! I wanted to share my favorites here that I believe will make awesome gifts for the kids in your life.

I know my children and my grandchildren enjoy kids RC cars as do I when I’m feeling playful and adventurous. There are so many cool designs out there today, too! One popular line of radio control cars for kids are the Kids’ Galaxy RC Morphibians. Kids love these things and you will too!

The Best Remote Control Car for First-Timers

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark

The Kids’ Galaxy RC Morphibians Shark is one of the most popular Radio Controlled Cars kids age 5-9 enjoy the most, although the entire Morphibians line is quite desirable!

Kids can run these on pavement, carpet, sand and even through water! Perfect for younger kids who haven’t quite progressed to the sportier and more advanced kids’ RC cars.

The Best Remote Control Car for Older Kids

Powerful Amphibious Remote Control Car, Drives on Land & Water, 200 Ft. Control Range, 360 Degree Spins, LED Headlights, Red Car

The best remote control car for kids over 8 years old has to be this exciting amphibious Car. If you have two kids over 8, you might as well go ahead and get a blue one and a red one. Any child who watches this amazing machine run is going to want one of his own. Our grandson wants one of these super land and water cars, and I already know our granddaughter, who is a young teen, will want one as well. Click the car to read all the impressive technical details and reviews.

The Best Remote Control Car for Girls

Remote Control Pink Mustang

Jada Toys Girlmazing 2012 Ford Mustang Boss

The reviews on this feminine remote control make it # 1. Your daughter or granddaughter will enjoy this one. Rated best for ages 6-15, this makes a perfect gift for those preteen girls and young teens who are so hard to buy for. Just imagine girls who are learning to drive first learning to operate this gorgeous Mustang.

More Remote Control Cars for Girls

These remote control cars for girls from preschool to teens are popular year after year. If your little girl wants to drive her own car, then the remote control ride on car is perfect. Of course, if your teenage daughter is dreaming of driving a Lamborghini, she will enjoy this remote control.

Jada Toys GirlMazing R/C LamborghiniKid Galaxy My First RC Go Go Baja Buggy, PinkJada Toys Disney Ariel R/C VehiclePink Remote Control Car Rc Ride on Car

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