Thanksgiving Table Runners

Thanksgiving Table Runners

Thanksgiving Table Runners add the finishing touch to your Thanksgiving Dinner Table. A Table Runners adds that something special to any table. The Thanksgiving holiday is a family and friends oriented holiday that brings everyone together to give thanks for the many blessings in their lives including their families and friends. Your gathering of friends and family deserves the best table settings with all the finishing touches.


Where Did Table Runners Come From?

The Table Runners was born in the Middle Ages, mainly because medieval folks were sloppy. The tablecloth was considered an aristocratic innovation, but it needed protection from lively and careless royal revelers who spilled, drooled and made a mess! No doubt, the wise women responsible for laundering linens came up with the innovative idea for the table runner in an effort to save the tablecloths from unnecessary laundering. Napkins were also invented because it was no longer considered acceptable to wipe your mouth on the tablecloth.

These ingenious long, narrow pieces of cloth now known as “Table Runners” were placed over the tablecloths. They were gathered up at the end of the meal for washing and the tablecloths remained intact and clean. The table runner along with tablecloths became fixtures in everyone’s collection of linens by the 15th century.

The Many Uses Of Table Runners

Table Runners performed many different tasks in well decorated homes – they were used on the bare table or on tablecloths to protect or add a bit of style, especially for that special occasion or holiday. They were also used to create visual balance for full place settings. They served as a backdrop for a piece of art, unified decorative elements and helped to make a design statement.

The most popular way to use Table Runners is to place them lengthwise in the center of the table or over the tablecloth to cover the full length, with a 6″ to 12″ drop on opposite ends. Sometimes a shorter length is used to compliment a centerpiece. Another design option is to place more than one runner across the width of the table so the table runner also serves the purpose of placemats while providing a little extra coverage to catch spills and drips.

Choosing Your Thanksgiving Table Runner

Thanksgiving Table Runners come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. It is important that you choose the right size Table Runners to fit your Thanksgiving Table as there are different dimensions. Measure and remeasure. A cotton Table Runners will wrinkle more than a polyester table runner. Less wrinkles, less ironing and a crisper looking table.

There are many different styles of Thanksgiving Table Runners that are sure to fit in with your Thanksgiving decor. The combination of fall colors will surely brighten up any Thanksgiving Dining Table.

Thanksgiving Table Runner

 Mud Pie Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out Thanksgiving Cornucopia Table RunnerCheck It Out Thanksgiving Fall Table RunnerCheck It Out Thanksgiving Fall Table RunnerCheck It Out Fall Leaf Thanksgiving Fall Table RunnerCheck It Out Paisley Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out Burlap Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out DII Thanksgiving Fall Table RunnerCheck It Out

Thanksgiving Table Runners

One look I particularly like on a Thanksgiving Dinner Table is a brightly colored Thanksgiving Tablecloth with a neutral colored or cutout Thanksgiving Table Runners. I think it creates a beautiful contrast of the fall colors right onto your Thanksgiving Table.

 Harvest Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out Fall PumpkinThanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out Maple Leaf Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out Maple Leaf Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out DII Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out Fall Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out DII Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out Quinnyshop Thanksgiving Table RunnerCheck It Out

Happy Thanksgiving

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