WoW Tauren Costumes and Minotaur Costumes

Tauren or Minotaur, the Look is the Same, Though Taurens May Be Better Dressed

Do you want an unusual and innovative costume for Halloween How about dressing as a Minotaur, or if you are a World of Warcraft player, a Horde race called the Tauren ?

Either would be big fun to dress up as for Halloween, be it for Trick or Treating, taking the little ones Trick or Treating or going to or hosting an awesome Halloween Party. I have brought together the best that the internet has to offer in pieces to build yourself a great costume. There is also a whole costume I have offered for those of you with less free time. We also have a great selection of armor for you to build up your gear. Any way you do it, these costumes are big fun for Halloween!

Tauren or Minotaur Costume

Full Costume For Adults

If you don’t want to build a costume from scratch, then this is the answer. Buy it all at once and you are ready to go! Includes: Bull mask, Minotaur kilt, Boot covers, Body armor.

Minotaur Adult Costume (Standard)

Tauren or Minotaur ??

What Exactly Are They ?

A Tauren and a Minotaur are basically the same thing, in broad terms. A being that is half human and half cow, or bull. Taurens and Minotaurs generally are pictured to have a bull head, the heavily muscled torso of a human, with a bull tail and legs. Topping off our bovine friend (or should I say bottoming off) are rather large cloven hooves. The Minotaurs of fantasy, usually wear a loin cloth of some type, chest armor and bracers, and not much else, unless going into battle. You may remember seeing a Minotaur in the Narnia movies. The Tauren, while physically looking much like a Minotaur, dress quite differently. They are more prone to be seen in full body armor with a deadly axe or sword, or a robe and wicked looking staff. Their attire depends upon the class they have chosen to follow. They are a Horde race in the hugely popular online game World of Warcraft.

Tauren Full Masks

For Adults

Complete overhead latex masks, brown and tan masks with three braids, horns and faux fur. One size fits most adults. These are officially licensed World of Warcraft costume accessories.

World of Warcraft Tauren Overhead Latex MaskWorld of Warcraft Tauren Overhead Latex Mask Delux by Close Up

Full Head Minotaur Mask

For Adults

100% Latex, see and breathe through openings in the nose of the buffalo, one size fits most adults.

Forum Novelties Men’s Buffalo Latex Mask, Brown, One Size

Minotaur Legend

In the legend, the first minotaur was the son of the queen of the Island of Crete. He was so frightening that the king put him in the center of a huge maze, so complex that he could never find his way out

Tauren or Minotaur Legs and Feet

Get Your Hooves On!

What is a bull without it’s hooves? Complete your costume with some hooves of your own.

Zagone Studios Brown Beast Hoofs Costume Feet – Adult One SizeZagone Studios Men’s Hoof-Hearted, Brown, Adult One Size

Full Costumes

For Adults

Whether you want to wear clothes or not, these costumes have you covered.

Taurus Adult CostumeAdult Buffalo Costume Standard

A Tauren Costume Video

Gloves and Gauntlets

If You Want To Make Your Own Costume

If you are assembling some armor for your costume, gloves are something you will need. These different styles will go with any outfit you want to make.

Medieval Knight GlovesKnights Gauntlets30741 (Black) Batman Gauntlet Gloves Child The Dark Knight RisesRubie’s Costume Men’s Arkham City Deluxe Batman Gloves, Black, One Size


Leather or Metal

Spaulders are a necessity for any good Tauren, and whether you want metal or leather, we have them for you. A set of these will look great and add authenticity to your costume.

Medieval Pauldron Set Pair Plate Armor Carbon Steel Authentic Adult SizeArmor Venue: Molded Leather Spaulders Shoulder Armour Brown One SizeMedieval 15th Century Gothic SpaulderMedieval Italian Handcrafted Spaulders & Besagew


Perfect for a Tauren Mail or Plate Wearer

These breastplates are the center of your armor. The metal look ones are perfect for warriors or paladins! We even have the native look if you are a shaman or a druid. Take your pick for the class you are!

Greek Breastplate Muscle Armor – Steel – Fully Wearable Costume ArmorCostume Culture Men’s Indian Chief Breastplate Deluxe, White, One SizeRedSkyTrader Mens Greek God Breastplate Costume Armor One Size Fits Most GoldRoman Short Muscle Cuirass Breastplate with Bronze FinishGreek Breastplate Muscle Armor – Black Leather – Fully Wearable Costume ArmorRoman Segmentata Lorica Breastplate in Leather: Wearable Costume


The Crowning Touch of a Great Costume

What is a costume without a cloak. Basic black, with or without a hood, these cloaks are exactly what you need to top off a great Tauren or Minotaur costume!

SeasonsTrading 48Little Adventures Deluxe Black Adult Cloak with Hood (One Size)


For Every Class

What is your weapon of choice? A mace? A sword? How about a double bladed axe? Then, of course, we also have the sword and shield if you are a warrior or paladin.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Death’s Head Skull Fantasy Battle Axe with Plaque (Sharp)War Hammer44California Costumes Spartan Combat Shield And Sword, Red/Gold, One Size Costume AccessoryRubie’s Costume Men’s Lord Of The Rings Aragon Accessory Sword, Multicolor, One SizeCalifornia Costumes Crusader Sword & Shield,Black/Silver,One Size Costume

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