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Featured here with reviews are some of the best Victorinox and Wenger Swiss Army knives. These knives include Swiss Army knives for women, knives with scissors, knives with cigar implements, cyber tools, pink Swiss Army Knives for ladies and much more, as well as where to buy a Swiss Army knife online at the lowest prices.

The only knife that you will ever need

There’s a Swiss Army knife for every person and every purpose. You may not require the large 87 piece model but the selection below will enable you to find one that works best for your needs. Perhaps you’re a DIY handyman or a professional electrician or maybe you’re an avid hunter or fisherman. Whatever you do and whatever your needs are, you’re sure to find the perfect Swiss Army knife!

Victorinox’s Manufacturing Plant Ibach, Switzerland.

History of Victorinox

Victorinox started operation in 1884 as a cutlery workshop which delivered solldier knives to the Swiss Army. Karl Elsener was the original owner of this very sturdy knife company and created this knife with its many functions combined in a single tool. This invention has since become a legend in the knife industry and the company is world-wide known as Victorinox Swiss Army.

Victorinox’s manufacturing plant is located in the town of Ibach, Switzerland. The company has since acquired its former rival company Wenger in 2005. So, the Wenger Swiss Army knives and the Victorinox Swiss Army knives are produced from the same company. Victorinox is the sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVTView Now

The SwissChamp XAVT is the ultimate Swiss Army knife! There are 80 essential functions packed into one awesome tool.

Other features include a barometer, a thermometer, a digital clock, a can opener, a corkscrew, tweezers, scissors, toothpick, fish scaler, ink pen, light, magnifying glass and so much more.

You’ll get several different blades, too. This comes in a gift box ready to give to the special people in your life!


Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife, HardwoodView Now

Although the knife is available in the traditional ruby red as well as a blue one, a sapphire colored one and a black version, this is the one I personally prefer.

It is a hard wood with its naturally brown colored texture. This beauty comes with 33 useful attachments.


Victorinox SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife

This handy multi-tool contains the following implements:

Philips Screwdriver
Straight Screwdriver
Magnifying Glass
Fish Scaler
Nail File
Wire Cutter
More, more, more!

Victorinox SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Champion Knife 3-1/2 In.View Now

The 3 1/2″ SwissChamp packs an impressive punch. Despite its immense number of implements, the Swiss Champ still fits in your pocket.

Constructed of durable stainless steel Swiss-Made, which means they have been built to last. With 33 functions this tool is great for everybody.


Victorinox Handyman

Victorinox Swiss Army Handyman Multi-ToolView Now

This compact multi-tool is handy around the house or when enjoying the great outdoors.

Some of the implements it includes are:

Blades – Screwdriver – Can Opener – Scissors – Hook – Nail File – Saw – Pliers and much, much, more…


Victorinox Swiss Army CyberTool 34 Multitool

Victorinox Swiss Army CyberTool 34 Translucent Pocket Knife (Ruby)View Now

In addition to the traditional functions and normal implements on a Swiss Army knife, this one includes tools for computer freaks.

See, there is a Swiss Army knife for everyone! This tool is also great for your average handyman, electrician and anyone else who wants a cool multi-tool to carry with the everywhere they go!


Victorinox Swiss Army Sterling Silver Classic Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Sterling-Barleycorn PatternView Now

This particular knife is available in the attractive Barleycorn design, Hammered design and in polished silver.

This Swiss Army knife is a terrific gift for a groomsmen or for any occasion such as a birthday or Christmas.

This knife is the only one recommended for an emergency kit, too!


More Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife (Blue)View NowVictorinox Swiss Army Camper II Folding Camping Knives, Red, 91mmView NowVictorinox Swiss Army Spartan II Folding Camping Knives, Red, 91mmView NowVictorinox Original Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife (Red)View NowVictorinox Swiss Army Deluxe Tinker, RedView NowVictorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Pocket Knife (Red)View NowVictorinox Swiss Army Hercules Pocket Knife (Red)View NowVictorinox Swiss Army Signature Lite Pocket Knife, RubyView NowVictorinox Swiss Army Waiter Pocket KnifeView NowVictorinox Swiss Army Classic Knife, 58mm, CamoView NowSwiss Army Brands 53401 Executive Swiss Army KnifeView NowVictorinox Swiss Army Classic Knife, 58mm, StayglowView NowVictorinox Swiss Army Hiker, RedView NowVictorinox Swiss Army Hunter XT Knife with Pouch, 111mm, OrangeView NowVictorinox Swiss Army Centurion Pocket Knife (Black)View Now

Wenger Swiss Army Knives

Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife

Best Swiss Army Pocket Knives

Victorinox & Wenger

Did You Know?

Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife is known to be the Biggest Swiss Army Knife

Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant

This massive Swiss army knife is ideal for collectors and includes 87 implements with over 130 functions! Everything you could possibly want in a Swiss army knife is on this one tool. This is a great collector’s piece and a good ice breaker (in every sense) at technical training sessions.

Wenger Swiss Army Knife With Cigar Cutter

Wenger 16881 Swiss Army Knife With Cigar Cutter Implement Ergonomic Design 2.5-Inch Blade Stainless SteelView Now

When the action finally settles down and you want to relax and enjoy a cigar then this knife is the choice for you.

It has 10 functions but the real beauty is the cupper cigar cutter.

Why not enjoy a beer or a bottle of wine too. The knife will open both bottle types for you.


Wenger Mike Horn Knife

Wenger 16324 Swiss Army Mike Horn Pocket Knife, BrownView Now

A solid brown handle as opposed to the traditional red color this Horn knife has 16 different functions available from its 9 implements.

I like the 2 screwdriver bits the best. You never know when you’ll need one of the implements available on this knife! Make sure you know where yours is at all times.

9 implements 16 functions
Recyclable handles


More Wenger Swiss Army Knives

 Wenger 16994 Matterhorn Swiss Army Knife 3.25-InchView Now Wenger 16961 Swiss Army Evolution 18 Pocket Knife, RedView Now Wenger 16105 Esquire Swiss Army Knife 2.5-InchView Now Wenger 16949 Apprentice Swiss Army Knife 3.25-InchView Now Wenger Swiss Clipper ATView Now Wenger 16948 Swiss Army Evolution Biker 37 Pocket Knife, RedView Now Wenger Evogrip S557 Swiss Army KnifeView Now

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts About Swiss Army Knives

The first pocket multi-tool or Swiss Army knife was registered on June 12, 1897. Can you believe that over 34,000 of these with the distinctive Swiss cross go out from the factory in central Switzerland on a daily basis? 90% of those are for export to more than 100 countries and serve as ambassadors for Switzerland.

These make awesome gifts for any occasion, as well!

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