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Steampunk as a cultural concept came to America in the mid to late 1980’s as another form of science fiction writing with a focus on alternative reality where the world is still moving forward on the basis of steam power. The time period is mainly focused on Victorian England and the fashion, culture, art, decor and architecture of that time with a science fiction or supernatural twist. The concept of “time travel” is a relevant issue as well.

In this blog I have brought that subject to light with one style of decor that fascinates me, which are Steampunk clocks. These designs are so cool and unique to say the least, with a dystopian flair. This whole rage, I hope is here to stay. The designs are in home decor, clothing, jewelry, makeup and now clocks. They are usually filled with lots of gears and metal, designed in the Victorian futuristic look.

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. It’s typically set in a 19th century world where steam-powered machinery has re-gained popularity. Whether the time is post-apocalyptic, a type of British Victorian Era and a blast from the American Wild West, you’ll find lots of cool mechanical items powered by steam and the mechanisms of these machines displayed for all to see. These steampunk clocks show the mechanisms of machinery and look very futuristic and awesome. You can bet they’ll be a topic of conversation to all who see them hanging in your home or office.

Bring some retro-futuristic style into your home or office with cool, unique and decorative clocks, which will be as much conversation pieces as they are timepieces. Whether your home or office is mostly modern design or vintage style decor — or somewhere in between — Steampunk concept inspired art will fit in just fine and really add interest to any room in your house. And these clocks definitely qualify as art.

Here, we’ve got sculptured wall clocks, round, and square wall clocks, all in the victorian look, like you see in well-known films like Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine and television shows like Dr. Who and The Wild, Wild West.

Enjoy traveling back and forth in time as you browse through these stylish, fanciful clocks for sale.

Steampunk Wall Clocks

Sreampunk Wall Clocks

Steampunk wall clocks will add a touch of science fiction and retro decor to any room in your home or office.

If you’re a science fiction fan or enjoy things related to alternate history and speculative fiction that involves a world where steam power is used, then you’ll enjoy steampunk decor!

Steampunk…where fantasy meets the Victorian Era and steam powered machinery rocks!

Cool 3-D Steampunk Wall Clock Steam Punk Sci-Fi

Cool 3-D Steampunk Wall Clock Steam Punk Sci-FiView Now

This unique 11 inch tall, 9 inch wide wall clock features a cool distressed Steampunk design.

Featuring industrial steam pipes, cooling fins, coils and gears, the clock is hand-painted in silver, copper and gold metallic enamels.

The clock runs on a single AA battery. It will lend a great retro Steampunk look to your home or office.


Design Toscano Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Design Toscano NG33981 Gears of Time Sculptural Wall ClockView Now

Bold Roman numerals, multi-sized gears, and even a globe all dance across the surface of this fashionably industrial clock that boasts a highly raised relief.

With enough depth and dimension to make it a focal point anywhere, this distinctive timepiece designed by Alberto Batani belies its utility with two stylish hands and smart, quality quartz movements.

Cast in designer resin and hand-painted, it accepts your AA battery. 15″Wx2″Dx17and 1/2″H.


Spare Parts Clock

Spare Parts Clock, 21View Now

The Spare Parts Clock features a unique grouping of stylish clocks so that it resembles modern wall art. This home accent is finished in a combination of dark chestnut brown, heavily antiqued gold and silver finishes with burnished details that add a hint of vintage style.

Buy today and revitalize your home decor. Quartz movement provides accurate time-keeping.Smooth, rich finishes add a stylish touch. Crafted of hand-forged metal for exceptional quality. Actual size is 21″Hx54″W


Steampunk Clock with Thermometer

Steampunk Clock with ThermometerView Now

This super coll and unique Steampunk Clock With Thermometer is awesome! The clock is hand painted cold cast resin.

Brand new
Hight quality cold cast resin
Hand painted and polished
12″ tall


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Steampunk Round Clocks

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Unique steampunk design by Felicianation Wallclock

Unique steampunk design by Felicianation WallclockView Now

Steampunk Square Clocks

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Steampunk Wooden Clock.

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