Stair Step Baskets

Stair Step Baskets For Your Steps

If you live in a two story home you may be considering stair step baskets. These baskets are specifically made to fit on your stair steps. My grandmother used to always leave different items at the bottom of the steps to take upstairs on her next trip. You may consider storing magazines and books in them. Or if your are crafty this would be an ideal storage spot for extra yarn and crochet hooks. Or maybe like my grandmother, the bathroom is upstairs and you just came back from the store stocked with supplies. Throw the toilet paper, toothpaste, soap etc. in them and carry the basket up on your next trip. There are so many uses I can think of for these to stair step baskets like organization and storage. Functionality aside, they also just look plain beautiful.

Stair Step Basket Pattern Free

If you don’t like a lot of color these pattern free stair step baskets may be just the answer. Adore their bare beauty in the natural hues of brown variations. These will blend in seamlessly and won’t take away from other colors or patterns in your home.

 Household Essentials Seagrass Stair Basket with Handle Trademark Innovations Braided Rope Storage Stair Basket with Handles KOUBOO Wicker Stair Step Basket in Wash, Dark Brown Topot Woodchip Stair step Basket with Swift Handle Trademark Innovations Wicker Storage Stair Basket with Handles KOUBOO Wicker Step Basket, Natural Trademark Innovations Storage Stair Basket with Handle by Household Essentials Woven Paper Rope Lined Stairstep Basket with Lid, Dark Brown Topot Woodchip Stair Step Basket with Swift Handles Large 9 Amish Handmade Step Basket w/Swinging Handle IN NATURAL Stair Basket

Stair Step Organizer Basket

Any stair step basket can be an organizer. This picture shows this as a craft organizer basket. Loaded with all the essential. Looks like there are even pattern books in there.

If you have small children you may consider tossing small toys or blankets inside.

Stair Step Basket With Handles Seagrass

This gorgeous stair step basket with handles is from the seagrass wicker collection. It features a heavy duty wire frame wrapped in seagrass. The seagrass is in it’s natural color. Create a beautiful and useful space with this to collect your odds and ins.

 Household Essentials Seagrass Stair Basket with Handle

Amish Stair Step Basket

I really love the Amish stair step baskets. Amish are known for working with their hands. As you can see by these baskets they are skilled artisans in basket weaving. These baskets are Amish handmade and feature a swinging handle. Colors vary (purple, red, burgundy, green, blue, natural).

 Amish Handmade Stair Step Basket (Small). This Handmade Basket Enhances Any Country Amish Handmade Large 9 Inch Stair Step Basket. Give Your Rustic Country Amish Handmade Step Basket w/Swinging Handle IN GREEN Amish Handmade Step Basket w/Swinging Handle in WINE Amish Handmade Step Basket w/Swinging Handle in BLUE

Stair Step Basket With Lid

This beautiful stair step basket with lid has two compartments to hold both large and small items. It’s tightly woven construction is made for mobility and durability. Complete with a carrying handle. You can shut the lid to hide things you don’t want seen.

 Household Essentials Woven Paper Rope Lined Stairstep Basket with Lid, Dark Brown

Rattan Is One Of The Strongest Woods

Stair Step Basket Rattan & Wicker

These rattan baskets for the stair steps are simply stunning. A lot of people think that rattan and wicker are one of the same. Actually the difference is rattan furniture or as here baskets are made of rattan only. Wicker may be crafted out of different material such as rattan, bamboo and even straw. Be sure to read the description to see exactly what materials these of made from. Colors vary with natural rattan.

 KOUBOO Wicker Stair Step Basket in Wash, Dark Brown KOUBOO Wicker Step Basket, Natural The Basket Lady Wicker Stair Step Basket One Size (size 0) Antique

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  1. What a clever idea. I didn’t even know one could buy a basket like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your selections showing these handy baskets.
    Thanks for reminding me about this handy idea.

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