Silver Poison Rings

Hand-made Sterling Silver Bali Poison Rings

These poison rings are also called Prayer Rings, KeepSake Rings and Lover Rings. A poison ring, or sometimes also called a pillbox ring is a ring with a secret compartment inside to secure very small items like a pill or even poison if you are a secret agent or spy! These sterling silver poison rings are very popular and are available in many different styles and gems.

Opals, Onyx, garnet and more gems incased in sterling silver rings make wonderful Christmas gifts or birthday presents for mothers, your wife, sisters, mother-in-law, grandmother, daughters, and nieces.

Sterling Silver Genuine Opal Poison Ring

Your search for the perfect gift for your mother-in-law has just ended. Give her this gorgeous handmade sterling silver poison ring. She will absolutely love it. Poison rings come from the era of royalty who would stash a dose of poison inside their rings to kill their enemy with. Your mother-in-law will be able to appreciate such a gift!

Sterling Silver Genuine Blue Opal Poison Ring

– Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
– Gemstone: Genuine Blue Opal
– Poison Box Inner Length: 8mm
– Weight: 3.7 grams weight may vary based on size
– Band Width: 3.5mm

A beautiful poison ring made from sterling silver and featuring a genuine blue opal.


Sterling Silver Handmade Poison Rings

Sterling Silver Bali Poison Ring with Genuine Lapis

Looking for a nice gift for a female relative or friend? A poison ring makes a wonderful gift and sends just the right message about how much you care. This silver poison ring is one of the best!

Sterling Silver with Genuine Lapi Poison Ring

– Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
– Stone: Blue Lapis
– Poison box Inside Length: 14.5mm
– Poison Box Inside Width: 12.5mm
– Weight: 6.9grams weight may vary based on size

A beautiful sterling silver poison ring handmade and featuring a Genuine Lapi.


More Sterling Silver Poison Rings

Makes A Great Gift!

Don’t forget your mom on Mother’s Day or your Wife on her birthday!

A Very Rare Poison Ring

Silver poison rings were the hottest fashion back in the days when Popes, Kings and Queens poisoned their enemies. Could the ring in the video be from that era?

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I thought the story of the poison box rings was fascinating, and these are great presents.

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