Sherpa Blankets

Sherpa Blankets

The warmest blanket I have in my house is my Sherpa Blanket. It’s perfect for laying on the couch watching TV or on my bed for a fuzzy, cozy and warm nights sleep even on the coldest night. Sherpa is a special material that combines different types of materials in one that creates the immense warmth of the material and blankets.

What is Sherpa?

Sherpa material is commonly made of a combination of different materials. They can be made with microfiber and fleece. The microfiber is the flat or smooth side of the Sherpa blanket and the fleece is used for the fuzzy side. Both microfiber and fleece are made from the same material. Combining the two materials create one of the warmest blankets available.

Sherpa blankets get their inspiration and name from the Sherpa people of the Himalayan mountains. The Sherpas’ traditional clothing features a similar design to these blankets, which keeps them warm in frigid conditions.

Blanket Size Matters

When it comes to size, not all blankets are created equal. A blanket that spills too far over the sides of the bed can be just as problematic as one that’s too small. Before buying, measure the area you want to cover and compare it with these standard sizes:

Throw Blankets – 70 inches long x 50 inches wide
Twin Blankets – 90 inches long x 65 inches wide
Double/ Full Size Blankets – 90 inches long x 85 inches wide
Queen Blankets – 90 inches long x 90 inches wide
King – 108 inches long x 90 inches wide
California King — 96 inches long x 102 inches wide

California King size blankets, also known as Western King, can be difficult to find. A California King mattress is wider and shorter than a regular King.

Throw blankets are often chosen as a colorful accent in a room’s décor, but a throw that’s too small to snuggle under is a disappointment.

Cable Knit Sherpa Blankets

Classic design sherpa throw blanket with an added bonus of incredibly soft cotton acrylic cable knitted sweater pattern reverse. Double lined with each side providing soft and warm texture. Choose between a variety of colors that will complement virtually any decor. Oversized throw blanket that is long enough to cover your feet and makes it a cozy addition to your couch or sofa on a chilly evening. Easy care: machine washable and dryable,

 Cable Knit Sherpa Oversized BlanketCheck It Out Cable Knit Sherpa Oversized BlanketCheck It Out Cable Knit Sherpa Oversized BlanketCheck It Out Cable Knit Sherpa Oversized BlanketCheck It Out

Sherpa Blankets

Sherpa blankets are available in a multitude of patterns that will surely fit in with your decor either in your bedroom or just snuggling on your couch.

 Bedford Home Sherpa BlanketCheck It Out Eddie Bauer Sherpa BlanketCheck It Out Brookdale Sherpa BlanketCheck It Out Longrich Sherpa BlanketCheck It Out Camoflauge Sherpa BlanketCheck It Out Eddie Bauer Sherpa BlanketCheck It Out Bedford Home Sherpa BlanketCheck It Out Chanasya Sherpa BlanketCheck It Out

Sherpa Blankets

 Chezmoi Sherpa Blanket GrayCheck It Out Chezmoi Sherpa Blanket TealCheck It Out Chezmoi Sherpa Blanket BlueCheck It Out Chezmoi Sherpa Blanket PurpleCheck It Out Chezmoi Sherpa Blanket ChocolateCheck It Out All American Sherpa Blanket Coffee BrownCheck It Out KOYOU Sherpa Blanket CamelCheck It Out Sherpa Blanket Burgundy Red,Check It Out Sherpa Blanket Bright WhiteCheck It Out Sherpa Blanket Golden YellowCheck It Out J & M Home Sherpa Blanket NavyCheck It Out Archangel Sherpa Blanket BrownCheck It Out

Keeping Warm

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