Puppy Feeding Bowls

Puppy Feeding Bowls

If you have more than one puppy, a puppy feeding bowl is a great way to feed multiple puppies.

For those of us who have multiple puppies or litters in our homes, we know how messy and frustrating weaning puppies can be. The puppies walking through the mushy food, tracking it all over including all over themselves. The tipped bowls and trying to get each pup a space to the feeding bowl can be a challenge. These puppy feeding bowls take away a lot of those challenges.

Feeding Your Puppy

Whether puppies are orphaned or with their mothers, weaning can generally begin between three and four weeks of age, and is ideally completed by about seven to eight weeks of age. Although it’s often unavoidable, especially in the case of orphaned dogs, it’s preferable to allow weaning to be a gradual process that occurs over several weeks.

For the first few feedings, pups may need encouragement to eat. For example,allow puppies lick mush from a finger dipped into the pan. Most puppies will quickly learn to feed from the bowl. You can leave out a dish of small breed puppy kibble for them to nibble on. Make sure to have fresh water available for the puppies.

Weaning a puppy whether it be from their mom or an orphaned litter can be a frustrating mess. Puppies need to learn the eating manners. They will step in the mushy food tracking the food wherever they go. They will lay in the food and get it all over themselves. These puppy feeding bowls are made to reduce the mess and more importantly make sure that all the puppies are able to eat.

Puppy Feeding Chart

Puppy Litter Feeding Bowl

Weanafeeda Maxi 6 Multiple Bowl Puppy Litter FeederWeanafeeda Maxi 6 Multiple Bowl Puppy Litter FeederView Now

This puppy litter bowl feeder has removable individual bowls that sit in a holder that gives each puppy their own eating space. It’s perfect to track how much each puppy is eating. The detachable carrying handle makes it easy to transport to and from your pups and the puppy litter bowl is lightweight yet stable resisting getting knocked over. Made of tough Dark Grey polypropylene is chew proof and is tolerant of sterilizing agents so it’s easy to clean.


Puppy Litter Bowl

 Stainless Steel Multi Puppy Litter Feeder Dish BowlView Now

These smartly designed ProSelect Stainless Steel Puppy Bowls feature a raised center that keeps food near the outer rim where it’s easier for puppies to reach. Designed to discourage dogs from walking in or sleeping in their food. Enough rim space for multiple puppies to eat simultaneously. Great for feeding litters. Made of 100% stainless steel and easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Available in 2 sizes 11 inch and 14 inch. Can also be used for water as well as food.


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