Priest 50th Anniversary of Ordination Greeting Cards

When you think about it, a 50th anniversary of the ordination of a priest is a huge milestone. To have been a priest for 50 years is quite an accomplishment, and is worth celebrating. People from far and wide celebrate a priest’s golden anniversary. Their “children” are all of their former as well as their current parishioners. Knowing that they have made a difference in the lives of so many people is very rewarding.

The card above is an example of a card that wishes Blessings on the 50th Anniversary of Priesthood.  A Psalm Scripture quote is presented on the inside left and the inside right says that you join in grateful prayer as you celebrate your Golden Jubilee – another name for the important milestone years.

Celebrate 50 Years of Priesthood with this card!

Another card, set in white, with a candle and cross is also has also been a popular choice. The beautiful font on the front creates a formal and beautiful mood, very appropriate for this special religious occasion. The scripture quote on the front is a prayer asking that God’s goodness and kindness be with him on this special day and all of the days of his life.

Both of these cards were created as a request by the owner of a local Catholic bookstore. Several priests were celebrating their 50th Jubilee as a priest and he needed new cards for this occasion.  They were so well received, that they sold out, and he had to reorder more cards.  I created several more styles for priests celebrating their 50th anniversary as a priest, so there would be a greater choice. Go to Cards by Sandra Rose to see a full selection of greeting cards for 50th anniversary of priesthood, as well as general priest anniversary cards, and other jubilee year cards.

Here are some additional cards for priests, such as thank you for a priest, birthday, get well and other special days in the life of a priest.




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  1. Yes, it certainly is a tremendous milestone!

  2. Absolutely beautiful cards you have here. Certainly a milestone like 50 years is worth celebrating.

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