Presidential Candidates Action Figures

Whose Your Favorite? 2016 Presidential Campaign Action Figures!

Yes it’s true. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are up against each other for the United States Presidency in 2016. These Presidential candidates action figures will keep you laughing!

Collect these 2016 Presidential Candidates action figures and display them at work and at home. They make great conversation starters, and debate instigators, if you’re into that, too.

This election may just go down in history as the most unexpected and unusual one, so collect these while you can get them, they are terrific!

Funko Pop! The Vote – Donald Trump Vinyl Figure

Funko Pop! The Vote - Donald TrumpFunko Pop! The Vote – Donald TrumpView Now

From the 2016 presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko!

And they actually made his hair look pretty good. How about that?!

Trump supporters and Trump protesters will get a kick out of this Funko! Pop Presidential candidate action figure.

Funko Pop! The Vote – Hillary Clinton Vinyl Figure

September, 2016 ~ #1 New Releasein Action & Toy Figure Accessories

Funko Pop! The Vote - Hillary ClintonFunko Pop! The Vote – Hillary ClintonView Now

From the 2016 presidential campaign trail, Hillary Clinton, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko!

Hilary is stylin’ in her blue pant suit just waiting to add her opinions to the political fire.

Clinton supporters and foes will enjoy this Funko! Pop Presidential candidate action figure.

2016 Presidential Candidates Action Figures

Find Presidential action figures in the form of Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and even Bernie Sanders in a variety of fun figures that you’ll want to collect, share, laugh at, and amuse others with.

 Funko Pop! The Vote – Donald Trump Vinyl FigureView Now Funko Pop! The Vote – Hillary Clinton Vinyl FigureView Now Funko Hillary Clinton POP Figure Collectible Toy 2.5×4 ’16 Presidential ElectionView Now Funko Donald Trump POP Figure Collectible Toy 2.5×4 2016 Presidential ElectionView Now (Set) Politicrap Donald Dump & Hillary Clinturd Presidential Camp FiguresView Now Funko Garbage Pail Kids: Trump & Clinton 2016 Presidential Election Vinyl Figures (Set of 2)View Now Bernie Sanders POP Figure Toy 3 x 4inView Now Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Pop! Vinyl Figures Set of 3View Now Bernie Sanders for President 2016 Presidential Limited Edition BobbleheadView Now PLAN P2 PROMOTIONS Donald Trump Bobblehead, Make America Great AgainView Now Hillary Clinton Bobblehead 2016 Presidential Collector Series Limited EditionView Now Donald Trump Bobblehead 2016 Presidential Collector Series Limitied EditionView Now Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset: Includes Ten Paper Dolls, Three Rooms of Fun, Fashion Accessories, and More!View Now Donald Talking Pen – 8 Different Sayings – Trump’s REAL VOICE – Just Click and ListenView Now Presidential Plush Figure Bundle Duo: Donald Trump and Ronald ReaganView Now

Politicrap Figures

Aren’t all politicians full of crap? Hmmmm. Well these vinyl action figures are portraying them as Politicrap in forms of piles of poo. Too funny not to set on your desk at work, or to give as a gift to someone you stand against on separate sides of the political parties.

 PolitiCrap Donald Dump Political Candidate Republican 3-Inch Poopy FigureView Now PolitiCrap Hillary Clinturd Political Candidate Democrat 3-inch Poopy FigureView Now Trump Haters Set – Dump Trump Toilet Paper And Politicrap Donald Dump FigureView Now

More Stuff

These political bobble heads will agree or disagree with everything around them. They make great collectibles during this 2016 campaign year. You can always use them as targets for all those political spit balls you make daily, too. Don’t deny it…embrace it.

 (Set) Candidate Hillary Clinton Coloring Book, Bobble Head + Paper Doll KitView Now Hillary Clinton for President 2016 Presidential Limited Edition BobbleheadView Now (Set) Donald Trump Bobblehead And American Made You’re Hired T-ShirtView Now

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  1. I wanted to get one of Bernie Sanders. I still might do that, as I’m not happy with the 2 finalists.

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