Outdoor Tree Faces

Outdoor Tree Faces

Give your trees a little a personality by adding a face to the tree. These outdoor tree faces are adorable and will add an interesting touch to your outdoor landscaping. You can’t help but smile as you see the many faces of your backyard, smiling and looking back at you.

Sculpted of polyresin, they take on the appearance of bark and blend right in with your trees and will last year after year.

You can change your outdoor tree faces for the season or even show your support for your favorite team with a baseball or football team tree face.

They are quick and easy to install with keyhole hangers already attached.

Bird Feeder Tree Face

 Tree Face Bird Feeder – Outdoor & Garden Decor

This outdoor Tree Face combines a friendly tree and bird feeder in one. You can turn any tree into a friendly bird feeder, just hang this woodsy resin face and fill its mouth with birdseed and watch him feed the birds. Glow-in-the-dark eyes, each 31/2″L x 33/4″W; mouth and nose piece, 111/4″L x 91/2″W.



Outdoor Tree Faces

 NY Yankees Forest Face Mr. Face Tree Decoration Simon Tree Face Spirit of Nottingham Woods Tree Face Sleepy Face Tree Decoration Angry Face Tree Decoration Bucky Face Tree Decoration Oakley Tree Face


Outdoor Tree Decorations

These woodland creatures will have everyone taking a double take with their lifelike appearance and their peek a boo out of your trees.

 Garden Peeker Elf Tree Hugger Frog Tree Peeker Garden Peeker Baby Bear Bessie the Cow Tree Hugger Cat Outdoor Tree Climber Glowing Owl Eyes Tree Face Fox Tree Face Bear Tree Face Bird Feeder


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  1. Gypzeerose

    These outdoor tree faces and outdoor tree decorations are just delightful! Perfect to make your home really beautiful.

  2. Oh my! Shades of the Wizard of Oz and Lord of the Rings. Whichever! Love the talking trees in those movies! The tree faces are a sweet reminder. :)

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