How to Organize Your Electronics Cords and Wires

Are Your Cords Driving You Crazy?

Do your cords look like spaghetti gone wild? Mine do, and I am sick and tired of it! They take up floor space, and look awful. How can you have a neat office or living space with this kind of mess? I knew there had to be an answer. I had tried bundling them with rubber bands, but they never stay on neatly. These cords are driving me crazy!

So I went on a quest looking for a means to permanently organize these crazy cords and I found more means to do it than I could have possibly imagined:

Great Balls of Wire

These little balls are a great way to tame those long cords and put them in a neat little ball.

Great Balls of Wire White Cord OrganizerCheck PriceGreat Balls of Wire Black Cord OrganizerCheck PriceGreat Balls of Wire Set of Two Red & Blue Cord OragnizersCheck Price

Dotz Cord Management Devices

Wraps and Cathers

Dotz makes several different devices to deal with and out of control cord situation.

Dotz Mini Cord Wrap for Cord and Cable Management, White (MCW32M-CW)Check PriceDotz Reusable Hook & Loop Cord Straps for Cord and Cable Management, 6 Count, Assorted Colors (RHLS221MC-C)Check PriceDotz Cord Catcher for Cord and Cable Management, Black (DCC40M-CK)Check Price

Cable Management Trays

These trays are fastened to the underside or backside of your desk or the wall, and provide an easy way to direct and corral your electronic cables and wires.

Balt Cable Management Tray(Pack of 2) Fits For 72Check PriceStarTech AD3X3 3x3in Open Slot Wiring Cable Raceway Duct with Cover Lid, GrayCheck PriceWire TrayCheck Price

When Organizing your Cords, This is the Most Important Thing

Cords Must be Labeled!

If you don’t put labels on your cords, then you cannot be sure exactly which cable you are dealing with. I have tried many different kinds of tags, but I find these printable, two sided labels to be the best for cords. They don’t slide down and get lost, they don’t tear off, they generally stay put for as long as you need them to.

Avery Durable Printable Cord Tags, 1×2.25 inches, Pack of 50 (6591)Check Price

It is never easy to organize, but if you look carefully at your situation and consider what kinds of devices will serve your need in the space you have, then you can design the perfect system for your needs. All it takes is a little time, a little thought and a little planning.

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