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When you look at those black sandal shoes below, your first impression is probably – Oh! Every woman has a pair of shoes like these.


However. Did you ever see the movie Malèna starring Monica Belluci? Ever been jealous and envious of another woman’s beauty? Don’t answer that. Let’s pretend we have been. Ever notice that no matter how much you ill treat that woman – lie about her, cut off her hair, etc. – she stays beautiful? Ever wonder what if your beloved whom you took sacred vows with to have and to hold for life would still love you no matter what you did because of what others did to you?

If you never saw the movie are you curious now about the movie? For a quickie movie review at Daily Two Cents.

If you read the review and/or watch the film, you might start thinking – Maybe I should get a pair of shoes like those.

Italian romantic drama film starring Monica Bellucci released in 2000.

Ollio Women’s Shoe High heel Glitter Ankle Strap Sandal

Available in black, gold, navy and snake.

View more Ollio womens dress sandals.

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