Old Fashioned Toys and Games

Remember the Toys and Games You Grew Up Playing With?

Kids are still kids and they love toys and games. Remember playing Sorry? Remember sending your Slinky down the steps? How about playing outside with ring toss or your balsa wood airplane glider?

Best of all, do you remember building endless things with Tinker Toys, Legos and Lincoln Logs?

I do! There are so many great memories of my childhood playing with these classic toys and many more. No batteries, no computers, no electricity needed, just imagination and time for fun! Do you have a child or grandchild that you think would love these toys and games as much as you did?

They are STILL AVAILABLE! All your old favorites you will find below. They make great holiday gifts and are a lot less expensive than those $50 video games that only teach a child to sit indoors staring at a screen. If you love your child, give them something that promotes play, both alone and with others, doing activities and not sitting and staring at a monitor.

Happy Shopping!

Classic Floor Games

Still Fun After All These Years

I remember me and my friends crouched around these games as we played them on the porch. So much fun and great memories in these games. Help the next generation have those same wonderful childhood times!

Jacks GameJacks GameClassic Marbles GameClassic Marbles Game41-Piece Pick-Up Sticks Game41-Piece Pick-Up Sticks GameTiddly Winks in a Classic TinTiddly Winks in a Classic Tin

Classic Wall Games

Just Hang and Get Ready for Fun!

These are the real thing, meaning sharp darts and pins, so you will need to supervise children using them. Great games for kids or adults!

Dart Game Set With 6 DartsDart Game Set With 6 DartsPin The Tail on the Donkey GamePin The Tail on the Donkey Game

Did You Know?

Mr. Potato Head was invented in 1952
and you had to supply a real potato for his body!

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Yes, They Are Still Around!

Mr. Potato Head is a very popular guy! He has been in constant production since Hasbro first manufactured the first one in 1952. He also holds the honor of being the very first toy to be advertised on television! Don’t let the next generation grow up without this veggie friend!

Playskool Mr. Potato HeadPlayskool Mr. Potato HeadPlayskool Mrs. Potato HeadPlayskool Mrs. Potato Head

Single Player Toys and Games

Have Fun By Yourself!

Who needs others to have fun. These toys are great to play all by yourself. Create better hand/eye coordination, balance skills and self entertainment.

Original Metal SlinkyOriginal Metal SlinkyDuncan Yo-Yo Imperial (Red)Duncan Yo-Yo Imperial (Red)Bounce Back Paddle BallBounce Back Paddle BallWooden Catch BallWooden Catch BallToysmith Retro Magic Rail TwirlerToysmith Retro Magic Rail TwirlerSpinning Tops: Original Classic WoodSpinning Tops: Original Classic Wood

Old Style Water Games

Games of Skill NO Batteries Required!

These handheld games are the precursor to todays hand held video games. The big difference is there are no batteries required. These games are hand and water powered and are great to improve coordination.

Handheld Water Game - RingsHandheld Water Game – RingsHandheld Water Game - Basketball, SquareHandheld Water Game – Basketball, SquareFun Water Games, PelicanFun Water Games, PelicanFun Water Games, DolphinFun Water Games, DolphinWater Button Basketball GameWater Button Basketball GameHandheld Water Ring GamesHandheld Water Ring GamesSink That Basket - Basketball Water GameSink That Basket – Basketball Water GameHandheld Water Game - TrianglesHandheld Water Game – Triangles

Did You Know?

In November 1859, Godey’s Lady’s Book was the first known magazine to print a paper doll, followed by a page of costumes for children to color

Paper Dolls

Kids Love to Play Dress Up!

Paper dolls have been around for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. They have delighted children of all ages for all these years. Keep the tradition alive with this simple and fun toy.

The Fabulous Book of Paper DollsThe Fabulous Book of Paper DollsFashion Models Paper DollsFashion Models Paper DollsLet's Play Paper Doll Dress Up!Let’s Play Paper Doll Dress Up!

Outdoor Games

Take it Outside!

I remember playing with these games as a child, and having such fun with my friends! They also make great party games!

Wooden Ring TossWooden Ring TossBalsa Wood Glider LargeBalsa Wood Glider LargeUS Vintage Flag Cornhole Game SetUS Vintage Flag Cornhole Game SetHey! Play! Wooden Lawn Bowling SetHey! Play! Wooden Lawn Bowling Set

Classic Building Toy Sets

Kids Still Love Them!

Tinker toys were, without a doubt my favorite toy when I was growing up. I used them so much that I wore the ends off some of the wooden sticks. I loved building things with them and I even used them to build furniture for my dolls! Give your favorite child a box of these and they will be endlessly entertained!

TINKERTOY 150 Piece Essentials Value SetTINKERTOY 150 Piece Essentials Value SetLincoln Logs in a Tin- 111 All-Wood PiecesLincoln Logs in a Tin- 111 All-Wood PiecesLEGO Classic Creative Bricks 10692LEGO Classic Creative Bricks 10692Meccano-Erector Junior, 100 Pieces BucketMeccano-Erector Junior, 100 Pieces Bucket

Vintage Board Games

Remember These?

Board games were some of my favorite things when I was a child. My siblings and I would have tournaments! I think that Trouble was probably my favorite game. We played it so often that we wore out the pop-o-matic, and we had to get a new game! These make great gifts for the whole family!

Candy Land 65th Anniversary GameCandy Land 65th Anniversary GameClassic Chutes and Ladders Board GameClassic Chutes and Ladders Board GameSorry Classic Edition Board GameSorry Classic Edition Board GameClassic Trouble Board GameClassic Trouble Board GameMouse Trap Game (Amazon Exclusive)Mouse Trap Game (Amazon Exclusive)Classic Operation Skill Game (Amazon Exclusive)Classic Operation Skill Game (Amazon Exclusive)Twister GameTwister GameClassic YahtzeeClassic YahtzeeJenga Classic GameJenga Classic GameBattleship GameBattleship Game


Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dabinsi/7812149760/sizes/c/

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