Movie Lovers : Movies From the 70s: The Medusa Touch (1978)

In memory of: Richard Burton, Actor (1925 – 1984)

(DOT 1) Daniel Craig made cinema history by being the first blond James Bond. Have always admired Daniel Craig’s skill as an actor and love his voice. Caught a clip of a late night talk show one time and he was the guest. The talk show host asked him to read something from a card. He said because no matter what was written … IF Daniel Craig spoke the words, even if it was a stupid remark, it would sound sooo good! The host was right! Can’t remember the silly statement but when the actor said the words, it made me feel woozy and weak in the knees. :)

(DOT 2) If you’re familiar the Incredible Hulk, then you know that he was just an ordinary man and something happened to him because of scientific experiment gone wrong. He’s fine when he’s calm. Just don’t make him angry.

(DOT 3) Collecting stuff about mythology is one of my hobbies. In Greek mythology, Medusa was a lady monster created to turn whoever looked at her face into stone. Don’t look at her. If you do, it’s lights out!

This is my background and introduction, in order to suggest a not so well-known film which starred RichardBurton and LeeRemick called “The Medusa Touch ”.

Connecting my dots: Daniel Craig TO the Hulk TO Medusa.

BEFORE Daniel, there was Richard. The late Richard Burton could say the words “dogs snarled” and make me faint.

You wouldn’t want to make the Hulk angry, but neither you nor the Hulk would want to get on the bad side of John Molar, the character played by Mr. Burton. Mr. Molar didn’t just get angry, he had the power to cause catastrophe and will death!

He would give his intended victim a look … that could turn their heart to stone. Figuratively speaking. Hence, the use of the comparison to Medusa.

But Molar (Burton) didn’t really like having this “touch” or telekinetic power. He went to see Dr. Zonfeld (Lee Remick) for help or relief from this horrific “mental illness”. To paraphrase one of his lines from the movie: “I killed my parents. This isn’t just a bad headache!!”

Don’t want to spoil the ending, but let’s just say the doctor’s “treatment” did not “cure” him.

My takeaway from this film? Hmmm? Great work of fiction. Didn’t believe any of it even though the acting was convincing and made the probable scenario very believable. Did leave me with a curious thought. If I were going to be a mythical creature, who would I be? Definitely, NOT Medusa!


Richard Burton Fans

The Medusa Touch (1978)

Richard Burton’s personal diaries.

Hand-written pages encompassing several years that reveal the man, not the celebrity.

The face and head of Medusa hanging on a wall?

Hmmm? Not your typical home decor but, with a little imagination, it could work! :)

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