Lounge Pants That Look Like Jeans

These Loungers Look Like a Well Worn Pair of Your Favorite Jeans, and Other Great Pants!

I have several pairs of these loungers, and some shorts for the summer and I absolutely love them! I work from home and to have cute and comfortable, non-pinching or binding clothing to wear while working is a must! I can sit at my computer for hours in these pants and it’s just like being in pajamas. They are soft and stretchy, but light enough to be cool, even in warm weather.

Another great thing about these loungers is that you can wear them outside to water your plants, or cut the grass, and no one is the wiser that you are not wearing bluejeans. You have to get pretty close to see that they are not real dungarees. Sometimes I even wear them to the store; the reaction from people is always fun.

To me these comfy britches are a must have, and I have several pairs. If you try a pair, I bet you will agree!

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Faux Jean Sleep Pants – 100% Soft Cotton – Look Like Jeans!


These pants are a blast to wear! Comfy and soft, but they look like denim jeans. Perfect for lounging around on the weekend, my family loves these! They wear them for studying, baking, movie night, and for working out. They are perfect for whatever you want to do in comfortable clothes, not to mention they are fun!

MJC International Men's Generic Faux Denim Lounge PantsMJC International Men’s Generic Faux Denim Lounge PantsUnisex-Adult Faux Denim Ripped Jean Loungewear Pants - Set Of 2 - Medium - LargeUnisex-Adult Faux Denim Ripped Jean Loungewear Pants – Set Of 2 – Medium – Large


Comfy Lounging Pants That Look Like Denim


MJC International Men's Faux Denim Lounge PantsMJC International Men’s Faux Denim Lounge PantsUnisex-Adult Black Jeans Cotton Pajama Pants- Black - X-LargeUnisex-Adult Black Jeans Cotton Pajama Pants- Black – X-Large


Soft Cotton Denim Drawstring Jams Shorts

That Look Like Jeans!

If you prefer jams, these are the loungers for you. They are great for summer because they are cooler then long pants. Many times my husband wears these as swim trunks in our pool, he says they are more comfortable than regular swim trunks. I have to warn you, wearing them in the chlorine and chemical water of a swimming pool does make them fade. I had to buy him a second pair and bar him from wearing them in the pool! He likes to mow the grass in them as well as garden. They are so comfortable, sometimes I have a hard time getting them off of him so I can wash them. :-)

Makobi Men's Cotton Denim Tie Dye Drawstring ShortsMakobi Men’s Cotton Denim Tie Dye Drawstring ShortsMakobi Men's Cotton Denim Tie Dye Drawstring ShortsMakobi Men’s Cotton Denim Tie Dye Drawstring ShortsMakobi Men's Cotton Denim Tie Dye Drawstring ShortsMakobi Men’s Cotton Denim Tie Dye Drawstring Shorts


How To Wash Cotton Pants

To Reduce Shrinkage

1. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions

2. Use the gentle cycle and mild detergent.or hand wash

3. NEVER NEVER put them in the dryer. Take them and lay them out and pull them into shape, then lift by the waistband and hang to dry.

Though cotton is durable material, it is natural and therefore takes some care to keep it looking its best. If you follow these directions, you have a much better chance of keeping your cotton clothing looking and fitting great.

Blue Jeans Camo Lounge Pants


These pants are a blend of camo and jeans that are an unusual and distinctive look

Unisex-Adult Faux Ripped Denim Blue Jeans Camo Lounge PantsUnisex-Adult Faux Ripped Denim Blue Jeans Camo Lounge PantsMJC International Group Men's Urban Warrior Camo PantMJC International Group Men’s Urban Warrior Camo Pant


Faux Hunting Camo Stretchy, Soft Lounge Pants

Look Like a Huntsman in Comfort!

These comfortable camo relaxed pants for sleeping or just hanging out. Great for comfy weekend wear!

Stacy Adams Men's Camo Lounge PantStacy Adams Men’s Camo Lounge PantCamo Muted Colors Fleece Lounge PantsCamo Muted Colors Fleece Lounge PantsMen's Camo Polar Fleece Lounge PantsMen’s Camo Polar Fleece Lounge PantsMens Microfleece Camouflage Sleep PantsMens Microfleece Camouflage Sleep Pants


Underwear That Look Like Jean Shorts!

Blue or Black

What’s the best thing to wear under lounge pants that look like jeans? Underwear that look like jeans! Guys love these!

Fungarees Mens Boxer Shorts Faux Denim Blue Jeans Print Sleepwear (Small)Fungarees Mens Boxer Shorts Faux Denim Blue Jeans Print Sleepwear (Small)H2H Mens Denim Printed Boxer Briefs Trunks GRAY US L/Asia XL (KMBSP06)H2H Mens Denim Printed Boxer Briefs Trunks GRAY US L/Asia XL (KMBSP06)


What Do You Think Of Wearing Lounge Pants in Public

Opinions Vary

There has always been a debate in my family, an even a few close friends, as to if it is ok to wear things like lounge pants and sweat pants in public like to the grocery store, or shopping, or even to the movies or a restaurant. Some say that it’s fine as long as they are clean and in good shape and you wear an appropriate top or shirt and clean gym shoes. Others in my family are completely mortified that anyone would even consider wearing what they consider to be “pajamas.” in public at all, let alone to a restaurant or theater.

How do you feel about it ? Do you think that it’s acceptable, or a total faux paus. I am very interested in what others think, so I hope everyone leaves a comment with your opinion.

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  1. Gypzeerose

    These lounge pants that look like jeans look very cozy plus they are funny. I am currently involved in Operation Blue Jeans with my son – our effort to list all the blue jeans we have on eBay. Blue jeans are very tedious to list, there are all these measurements. We will have to reward ourselves with these cozy PJ’s when we finish listing all of them!

  2. I must try some of these, and a great idea, too, for my adult son’s birthday!

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