LEGO Storage Bricks

Store Toys, Clothes, and More in These Cool LEGO Storage Bricks!

These LEGO Storage Bricks hold kids toys, clothing, puzzles, and anything else you can think of. They also stack, so kids can build super sized buildings and more, if they have a bunch of these fun storage containers with a LEGO shape!

Find various sizes and colors here for boys and girls of all ages.

Use these in place of a toy box anywhere you need extra storage solutions. They can hold winter gear, pet supplies, and more, too!

LEGO Friends Storage Brick 8, Lime Green

LEGO Friends Storage Brick 8, Lime Green

Let the children tidy up with at smile. These oversized LEGO bricks are designed to stack, just like the original LEGO bricks. Decorate, play, build, form and have fun with the bricks or keep your LEGO bricks and other toys sorted using them as storage boxes.


Lego Storage Bricks Review!

More LEGO Storage Bricks

Choose the sizes and colors your kids will love and let the big building fun begin, or use these throughout your home to store kids’ items, pet product, household items, and more!

 LEGO Storage Brick 8, Blue LEGO Storage Brick 2, Red LEGO Storage Brick 4, Blue LEGO Storage Brick 4, Lime Green LEGO Friends Storage Brick 8, Lilac LEGO Friends Storage Brick 4, Lilac Lego, Storage Head Small Boy LEGO Friends Storage Brick 8, Pink LEGO Storage Brick 1, White LEGO Round Storage Box 1, Red LEGO Friends Storage Brick 2, Bright Purple LEGO Friends Storage Brick 1, Lilac LEGO Storage Brick 2, Lime Green LEGO Friends Storage Brick 1, Lime Green Lego Storage Brick 4 Medium Pink

LEGO Large Storage Bricks 1,2,4,8 Stud Buildable brick containers

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