LEGO Cars Building Play Sets

LEGO – Disney Cars Play Sets

Everyone Loves the Disney Cars movies, Now your favorite brand of building bricks introduced the LEGO Cars Theme of Play Sets so you can create your own action scenes just like in the movies Cars & Cars2.  

Now you and your kids can build and race Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, and the rest of the gang from both Cars and Cars 2. With building sets from both movies available, you can recreate your favorite scenes, or make up your own action packed adventures based on your own Disney Cars & Cars 2 favorite characters.Disney movies ignite our imagination, and LEGO Cars & Cars 2 play sets will further that spark of creativity, planning and racing fun. 

All Your Favorite Disney Cars Characters!

LEGO Cars - Lightning McQueen - KA CHOW!There are almost twenty different LEGO Cars & Cars 2 Building Play Sets, including Agent Mater, Finn McMissile, Francesco Bernoulli, The Race Set, The Tokyo International Circuit, and much more to choose from the Disney Cars movie settings.

Each LEGO Cars & Cars 2 Building Play Set will provide hours of Disney Cars and LEGO Fun!  Lightning McQueen has stolen the hearts of kids and adults alike, and now your favorite Disney Cars Characters can come to ‘life’ in your own home, complete with the famous Ka-Chow!

LEGO Cars Building Sets

LEGO Cars Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen 8484LEGO Cars Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen 8484LEGO DUPLO Cars Mack's Road Trip 5816LEGO DUPLO Cars Mack’s Road Trip 5816LEGO Cars Mack's Team Truck 8486LEGO Cars Mack’s Team Truck 8486Cars 2 Radiator Springs Classic Mater (Lego 8201)Cars 2 Radiator Springs Classic Mater (Lego 8201)LEGO Cars Flo's V8 Caf 8487LEGO Cars Flo’s V8 Caf 8487LEGO Cars Mater's Spy Zone 8424LEGO Cars Mater’s Spy Zone 8424LEGO Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition Set #8677 Ultimate Build MaterLEGO Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition Set #8677 Ultimate Build MaterLEGO Cars Ultimate Race Set 9485LEGO Cars Ultimate Race Set 9485

Learn more about LEGO Cars & Cars 2 Building Play Sets based on the Disney Cars & Cars 2 movies by visiting my full LEGO Cars Shopping Page for more information on the Sets and Where to find the best deals on all LEGO Cars Play Sets by Following this Link :

LEGO Themes – Disney Cars Building Play Sets


LEGO Cars - Mack's Team Truck #8486

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  1. Wow Lego play sets have come a long way since my boys were young. These cars lego building set are great!

  2. What fun… you have featured a great choice of them here, thanks!

  3. Our grandson would love these. He’s the king of legos around here!

  4. McQueen and Lego..what a fun combination for kids

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