The Jellycat Mouse Collection

If you’ve seen any of the great toys made by this company, and even if you haven’t, you will be delighted by the Jellycat Mouse collection. There is a variety of charming stuffed toys, and even a book featuring the little mouse.

The company responsible for these wonderful critters is known for creating some of the softest, most durable and easy to care for toys on the market today. Jellycat toys began in London in 1999 and currently are able to serve many countries around the world. Their toys are becoming very popular indeed, and they continue to create more and more high quality, unique toys each year.

The Jellycat Mouse collection features several different mice, from 8”-12”, each of which are truly unique and loveable. Since they are so well constructed and easy to love, they can be enjoyed for many years. If given to a newborn, chances are good that the child will still be carrying around their little friend when they start school. Any child (and some adults) would absolutely love one of these charming mouse toys as a gift. The Jellycat Mouse collection, as with their other wonderful toys, is inspired often by the fast paced changes in fashion.

Jellycat Mouse – Tringle Trangle Mouse


Tringle Trangle Mouse 10″
One example of the friendly bunch in the collection is the Tringle Trangle Mouse. This sweet toy is perfect for babies. He is 10” tall and has a Swiss cheese belly! There are also plastic rings on his hands that are perfect for little ones who are teething, or just want to use them to tote him around (for older children). The Bon Bon Pink Mouse is also 10” high, and has bold pink and red stripes covering his body. The ears are very round and “mouse-like” giving it just the right amount of realism. Sugar and Spice Mouse is another great choice. His floppy type ears and pink and light blue coloring make him really stand out. He is a very charming fellow indeed.

Bon Bon Pink Mouse 10″Bashful Medium Mouse 12″

There is a member of the Jellycat Mouse collection for every child on your list…and maybe a couple of adults! You can be assured that they are well made and high quality. You may just find yourself adding to the child’s collection with every holiday. With Jellymouse, you know you are getting a product that will be well used and well loved for a very long time.

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