Halloween Porch Light Covers

Halloween Porch Light Covers

Halloween Porch Light Covers are one of those finishing touches that really brings your Halloween decorating all out. Your porch lights need some decorating to show the trick or treaters right to your door and they can be disguised as a friendly pumpkin or scary ghoul to bring your Halloween decorating right up to your home.

Halloween Porch Light Covers

It’s typically the rule of thumb, leave the porch light on for trick or treaters. With a flip of a switch it’s not just those white lights, you can choose a Halloween Porch Light Cover that will depict your favorite Halloween character. So your flipping of a switch will light up a smiling pumpkin or gory monster, that’s up to you.

They are extremely easy to install. You simply slip the attached straps of the porch light cover over your existing light, no electric, screws or hardware or even tools are required. So easy and yet such an effective impact on your porch for Halloween.

Pumpkin Halloween Porch Light Cover

 Halloween Pumpkin Porch Light CoverCheck It Out

Holiday Porch Light Covers go right over your existing fixtures to give any entryway a festive touch. Sparkling covers add holiday cheer to your home’s exterior both night and day. Each flexible plastic cover has an elastic cord that slides over the light fixture for quick and easy installation. Perfect for a porch, side entrance or garage door.

Halloween Porch Light Covers

 Ghost Porch Light Cover – PurpleCheck It Out Skull Porch Light Cover – ScaryCheck It Out Black Cat Porch Light CoverCheck It Out Halloween Ghost Light CoversCheck It Out

Halloween Porch Light Covers

 Disney Mickey Mouse Porch Light CoverCheck It Out Star Wars Darth Vader Porch Light CoverCheck It Out Star Wars C-3PO Porch Light CoverCheck It Out Marvel Spider Man Porch Light CoverCheck It Out Marvel Iron Man Porch Light CoverCheck It Out Marvel Hulk Porch Light CoverCheck It Out

Happy Halloween

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