Halloween Pathway Lights

Halloween Pathway Lights

Halloween Pathway Lights give your trick or treater’s a direct pathway that is lighted and safe right to your front door to get their “treats”. Halloween pathway lights will give you trick or treater’s a some much needed light on an otherwise dark and scary night. They come in a variety of different sizes and shapes that will fit in with your existing outdoor Halloween decorations.

Halloween Pathway Lights

Halloween Pathway Lights are a great addition to your outdoor Halloween decorating. Not only do they give your trick or treater’s a lighted pathway, they add a special touch to your Halloween decorating. Whether it’s a smiling pumpkin or scary ghoul, they will lead right to your front door.

They are made to withstand the harsh weather and many have different options for lighting as well as sound. They are super easy to install as they are are on lawn stakes that you can just push into the ground along your pathway or walkway. A little push and lots of light. Halloween Pathway Lights can also be used to decorate your yard and create their own scene.

Spooky Tree Halloween Pathway Lights

 Spooky Trees Halloween Pathway LightsCheck It Out

These Spooky Tree Halloween Pathway set includes 3 Lawn Stakes that are battery operated with LED Lights. They have 3 functions that you can set, steady on, off or sensor activated. They also have an option of an eerie screaming spooky sound to give the ultimate Halloween experience.

Halloween Pathway Lights

 Skull Halloween Pathway LightsCheck It Out Zombie Hands Halloween Pathway LightsCheck It Out SkullHalloween Pathway LightsCheck It Out

Flickering Halloween Pathway Lights

 Twinkling Skull Halloween Pathway LightsCheck It Out Short Circuit Halloween Pathway LightsCheck It Out Flickering Halloween Pathway LightsCheck It Out

Halloween Pathway Lighted Fence

 Lighted Halloween Skull Pathway Fence – Set of 2Check It Out

Line the pathway to your door with these creepy, light up skull fence pieces. Each set includes 2 fence panels with 3 spooky skulls. The eyes of the skulls light up with orange light for a truly creepy effect. The fence panels have a spiderweb design and snap together easily. Lights have end-to-end connectors and plug into an AC power outlet. Each panel is 24″L x 12″H with stake.

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Happy Haunting

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