Halloween Mantle Scarf

Halloween Mantle Scarf

A Halloween Mantle Scarf is the perfect finishing touch for your Halloween Decorating. Any fireplace area brings a new area in which to decorate for Halloween. Starting with a Halloween Mantle Scarf, it brings a new theme to emerge for your fireplace and mantle.

It’s easy to create a creepy or even kooky looking focal point starting with a Halloween Mantle Scarf. And you will utilizing a space that can create a whole new look to your mantle and fireplace.

Halloween Mantle Scarf

Halloween Mantle Scarves come in a variety of designs and styles. A lighted Halloween Mantle Scarf can even add in a more spooky effect casting an eerie glow on your mantle and Halloween decorations. Glow in the dark mantle scarves with bony skeleton hand reaching down will have your family and friends taking a second look as the hair stands up on the back of their necks.

Glow In The Dark Halloween Mantle Scarf

 Heritage Lace Glow In The Dark Boney Hands Lace Halloween Mantle ScarfCheck It Out

Give guests a ghoulish greeting with Glow In The Dark Boney Hands. Your guest will be second guessing what they are seeing. These Glow In the Dark Boney Hands are charged by sunlight or interior lighting and they glow ghostly green creating an eerie effect. Made of fine-gauge lace. Measures 19-Inch by 80-Inches.

Halloween Mantle Scarves

 Halloween Spiderweb Mantle ScarfCheck It Out Halloween Spideweb Mantel ScarfCheck It Out Heritage Lace Halloween Drape Mantle ScarfCheck It Out Heritage Lace Spider Web Halloween Mantle RunnerCheck It Out Heritage Lace Bats Halloween Mantle ScarfCheck It Out Halloween Mantle Scarf Black SpiderCheck It Out Lighted Black Lace Halloween Mantle ScarfCheck It Out Lighted Midnight Lace Mantle ScarfCheck It Out

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Happy Halloween

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  1. Gypzeerose

    These Halloween mantle decorations would make any Halloween special!

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