Halloween Garden Flags

Halloween Garden Flags

Halloween Garden Flags make decorating for Halloween easy and fun. Many people decorate for Halloween, it’s right up there with Christmas. There is a huge variety of Halloween Garden Flags that will delight even the most discriminating Halloween decorator.

Pumpkins and ghosts and goblins, oh my. Halloween Garden Flags will be show casing on your front lawn or welcoming guests at your front door or even by your curbside mailbox. They are a versatile and easy way to decorate your outdoor yard for a holiday filled with fun and best of all, candy!

Halloween Garden Flag

It’s Halloween and time to start decorating. Halloween Garden Flags are smaller than traditional house flags and are normally about 18 inches x 12 inches. Their smaller size makes them easy to place anywhere in your yard and are perfect to decorate smaller yards.

They are double printed on both sides so everyone can gets a glimpse no matter which way they come from. Halloween Garden Flags are made with a durable material that is weather and fade resistant and will last for many years to come.

Simply place them on a garden flag stand and you are ready to say “Happy Halloween” to all.

Halloween Garden Flags

It looks like some witch is a little mixed up, flying upside down. These applique Halloween Garden Flags will get a second look with their vibrant colors and fun theme.

 Upside Down Witch Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Halloween Garden Flag Witch Hat & StockingsCheck It Out Burlap Candy Treat Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Ghost in Cauldron Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out

Halloween Garden Flags

 Welcome Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Happy Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Trick or Treat Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Garden Scary Night Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Funny Witch Feet Garden FlagCheck It Out Skulls Double-Sided Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Black Cat Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Happy Halloween Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Witches Hat Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Boo Cat Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Pumpkin Ghost Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out Trick or Treat Halloween Garden FlagCheck It Out

Halloween Garden Swingers

It’s a Witch Swinging in your garden or hanging from a tree. A wonderful addition to the Halloween Garden Flags are these absolutely adorable Garden Swingers. They are made from the same durable and weather resistant material as garden flags. Garden Swingers are slightly padded for a soft swaying motion in the wind.

 In the Breeze Witch SwingerCheck It Out Falling Witch Garden SwingerCheck It Out

Ooopps ~ Don’t Forget Your Garden Flag Stand

Did you know you can use your Halloween Garden Flag as a house flag or turn it into a Garden Swinger? These garden flag stands and accessory will give you options for displaying your Halloween Garden Flag.

 Wrought Iron Black Garden Flag Stand 38Check It Out Wrought Iron Garden Flag ArborCheck It Out Fancy Wall Garden Flag HolderCheck It Out Hanging Garden Flag AccessoryCheck It Out Garden Flag Wall Hanger (for Porch)Check It Out Flag Post Bracket for Garden Size FlagsCheck It Out

Check out some great outdoor Halloween decorating Ideas at:

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Happy Halloween

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I love garden flags, they are one beautiful plant I can’t kill! These Halloween garden flags are delightful.

  2. Sara0129

    These are sure to please the trick-or-treaters! The cat out of the pumpkin flag is cute.

  3. Oh those witches on swings are adorable! Happy Halloween!

  4. These garden swingers are the funniest things I’ve seen. Definitely need one for the garden. Halloween garden flags are a sure way to set the mood right from the start! I’d like some, alas, I don’t have a front yard – but would work in the back garden as well.

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