Halloween Costumes for 2016

Favorite Halloween Costumes for 2016

Dressing up for Halloween is great fun for children and adults alike. The best part of course is deciding what to wear. Often we’ll start looking for that perfect outfit months in advance and of course the most outrageous Halloween costumes are always the best.

Why costumes at Halloween? The Celts believed that the spirits of the dead roamed the earth on Halloween night. Some of these spirits were friendly, but some were unfriendly and bitter towards the living because they were still enjoying the fruits of the earth that these spirits once enjoyed. Back in the day, the Celts used to put soot on their faces to camouflage themselves from these mean spirits. Over time the basic method of disguising their faces developed into the more elaborate Halloween masks and Halloween costumes that are worn today. It also became tradition to imitate the frightening spirits by dressing up as skeletons, vampires, wizards or any other scary character you can imagine.

Great Halloween Costumes for Couples

Want to be part of a team? Here are some fantastic ideas for couple costumes. These always go down well and are loads of fun.

Putter And Jelly SetPutter And Jelly SetBacon and Eggs Couples CostumeBacon and Eggs Couples CostumeAdult Tacky Traveler CostumeAdult Tacky Traveler CostumeMen's Couple's Fun Unisex Tropical Tourist CostumeMen’s Couple’s Fun Unisex Tropical Tourist CostumeLightweight Plug and Socket Couples CostumeLightweight Plug and Socket Couples CostumePerfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Set, 2 COSTUMES IN 1 BAGPerfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Set, 2 COSTUMES IN 1 BAG

Adult Minion Costumes

The Minion’s have totally taken over our lives this year so it is fitting that they are extremely popular and a fantastic choice for this years Halloween.

Despicable Me 2 Minion with AccessoriesDespicable Me 2 Minion with AccessoriesDespicable Me 2 Gru MaskDespicable Me 2 Gru MaskDespicable Me 2 Adult Minion Dave, Blue/YellowDespicable Me 2 Adult Minion Dave, Blue/Yellow

What is on the BEST list this year for Halloween Costumes?

There are literally hundreds of different types of costumes available so I have narrowed it down to a few of the favorite costumes for 2016. They include The Dark Knight, The Minions, fantasy costumes and of course we can’t exclude the Marvel Universe characters as they are always popular. Hope you find just what you’re been looking for. There are some scary and fun ideas this year.

Adult Catwoman CostumeAdult Catwoman CostumeHooded Robe Adult CostumeHooded Robe Adult CostumeDisney Aladdin Jasmine Sassy Prestige CostumeDisney Aladdin Jasmine Sassy Prestige CostumeBatman The Dark Knight RisesBatman The Dark Knight RisesThe Joker CostumeThe Joker CostumeMen's Very Cool Vampire CostumeMen’s Very Cool Vampire CostumeWomen's Marvel Universe American Dream T ShirtWomen’s Marvel Universe American Dream T ShirtMarvel Universe Deadpool Adult CostumeMarvel Universe Deadpool Adult CostumeStar Wars: The Force Awakens CostumeStar Wars: The Force Awakens CostumeWomen's Pocahontas Deluxe Adult CostumeWomen’s Pocahontas Deluxe Adult CostumeMen's Teen Wolf CostumeMen’s Teen Wolf CostumeMen's Kool Aid GuyMen’s Kool Aid Guy

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I love some of these Halloween costumes – especially the putter and jelly set for the couple.

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