Halloween Barbie Dolls

Collect All of the Halloween Barbie Dolls!

These Halloween Barbie Dolls are fun for kids and collectors alike. You’ll find a huge collection of Halloween Barbies featured here, as well as some Barbie Halloween costumes, so kids can dress as their favorite Barbie Doll for Halloween or anytime the mood strikes.

The awesome thing about Barbie is as you age you still love her! What a fabulous doll made by Mattel! Mattel now makes many different dolls and action figures besides Barbie, but Barbie is the longest running, and loved by so many too.

Barbie is ready to go to a Halloween party or just go trick or treating with Ken and friends! Take her along with you when you go out this Halloween, or display her for all to see.

Barbie Halloween Witch Doll 2016


Get into Halloween Spirit with Barbie doll! She wears a whimsical witches costume that is to-die-for! The pink bodice has black stitching and a glittery collar; the black skirt has a metallic pink spider web print and scalloped hem. Tall black boots and a black drop necklace add Halloween drama, while a witches hat atop her pink streaked hair is wicked cool. Celebrate the holiday or give the gift of Barbie. Halloween-themed Barbie doll is ready to attend the costume party of the year and play out all types of festive stories. Send her to a costume party, a costume contest or flying across the moon because with Barbie, you can be anything! Includes Barbie doll wearing a witch costume with accessories.

Barbie Halloween Witch Doll 2016 NEW MATTEL DOLL DMN88Barbie Halloween Witch Doll 2016 NEW MATTEL DOLL DMN88View Now

2015 Barbie Moonlight Halloween Doll

Barbie Moonlight Halloween DollView Now

Barbie 2015 Halloween Doll: This Halloween-themed Barbie doll is absolutely bewitching’ with its modern silhouette and scary cool details. She’s ready to collect candy and capture attention as a trick-or-treater dressed in a spook-tacular witch costume with iconic details and spooktacular accessories – plus a touch of signature Barbie pink. A classic black witch’s hat is a final fabulous touch. Happy Halloween! Ages 3 and older.


Barbie 2014 Halloween Doll

Barbie 2014 Halloween DollView Now

Barbie 2014 Halloween Doll

This Halloween themed Barbie Doll is awesomely bewitching! She is dressed in a spook-tacular witch costume with wonderful details and accessories, besides her signature Barbie pink. She is wearing a classic witch hat as the final spooky touch! For ages 3 and older. Check out the black cats on her skirt. How cute is that?


2014 Happy Halloween Barbie Target Exclusive

See her in the video below…

Mattel Year 2014 Barbie Halloween Series 12 Inch Doll – HAPPY HALLOWEEN Barbie in Halloween Outfit with Purse, Headband, Necklace and ShoesView Now

Includes: HAPPY HALLOWEEN Barbie in Halloween Outfit with Purse, Headband, Necklace and Shoes • Doll measured approximately 12 inch tall • Produced in year 2014 • For age 3 and up


2014 Halloween Barbie Dolls Trick or Treat

Barbies Costume by Disney Cars Toy Club

Here is a video on the right I found on youtube on the new 2014 Barbie Halloween Doll by Mattel. Watch how Barbie “treats” her friends with “tricks”. Check out her awesome costume and her 2014 look! See more Halloween Barbies below too!

Have fun watching!

Barbie Halloween Magic Target 2015 Doll – Cat

Barbie Halloween Magic Target 2015 Doll – CatView Now

This 2015 Halloween Barbie is a Target exclusive, but is being sold here on Amazon.

This Barbie Doll is a standard Barbie with blonde hair, blue eyes and pink lips. She has a few orange streaks in her hair and sports a plastic cat-ear headband. Her shiny dress features an orange background with black cats printed on it. The straps are black mesh, and there are more pretty details on the dress. She wears black high heels and a black beaded necklace.


Mattel Barbie 2013 Halloween Barbie Doll

Mattel Barbie 2013 Halloween Barbie DollView Now

Mattel Barbie 2013 Halloween Barbie Doll

This is the 2013 collector Halloween Barbie Doll. She is ready for trick or treating with her colorful pink and black witch costume. Her costume features a bat themed print, a pointy witch hat, purple highlighted hair, and knee high boots. Perfect addition to any Barbie collection or a great gift! This is a new doll in box. Check out the necklace!


Barbie 2012 Halloween Barbie Doll

Barbie 2012 Halloween Barbie DollView Now

Barbie 2012 Halloween Barbie Doll

The 2012 Halloween Barbie Doll features a spider web print costume, a pointy witch hat, pink highlighted hair and knee high boots to complete the look. She is another perfect addition to any Barbie collection and a great gift as well. This is one of my favorites! Love her face and costume. This is a new doll in box.


Barbie Halloween Party Barbie Doll 2011

Barbie Halloween Party Barbie Doll 2011View Now

Barbie Halloween Party Barbie Doll 2011

The 2011 Barbie Halloween Doll is another bewitching choice. She is wearing a pointy hat, and a stylish witch gown. The outfit is detailed in glittery pink and black with an orange flared skirt and necklace. Barbie is featured with pink highlighted hair and hat with matching boots. What a wonderful addition to any Barbie collection! This is a new doll in box.


Halloween Treat Barbie Doll 2010

Halloween Treat Barbie DollView Now

This new Barbie 2010 Halloween Treat Barbie is adorable. She is bewitching in her stylish witch gown costume and pointy purple hat. Her dress is decorated in orange glitter and purple sleeves, flared skirt and lace up boots. She wearing a magical pendant necklace too! She comes with a brush to style her highlighted orange hair. Any girl would love this doll, especially on Halloween.


Barbie Trick or Chic! 2007 Halloween Doll, Dated 2008

Barbie Trick or Chic! 2007 Halloween DollView Now

Tric or Chic?

Ok, THIS one is my all time favorite for sure! Love the costume, hair, dress and the whole look. I would think this one would be highly collectible too! Great outfit and over all awesome chic Barbie Doll. Add this one to your collection or to a collector as a terrific gift.

The doll is dated 2008, dressed in black and orange classic colors, fantastic witch hat, and orange and purple dress with spider web theme. This is a new doll in box.


Halloween Charm Barbie Doll 2007

Halloween Charm Barbie DollView Now

Halloween Charm Barbie Doll 2007

2007 Barbie Halloween Charm Doll is decked out in a designer Halloween costume She is a perfect addition to any Halloween collection and gift too. So Charming for a ideal Halloween treat! This is a new doll in box.


Barbie Transformation Tutorial

Great for Halloween

Barbie Transformation Tutorial – Great for Halloween!

Want to transform into Barbie? You can. Watch the video to the right and check out how to transform into Barbie with using makeup. Perfect for Halloween, Costume Parties or Barbie Dress Up! Enjoy the video!

Barbie Halloween Costumes

Look and dress like Barbie for Halloween. Carry a Halloween doll with you, or do your best to look like your favorite. Or another idea is to throw a Barbie birthday party, and provide Barbie costumes at the party, or have a Barbie sleepover!

 Rubies Barbie and the Secret Door Movie Deluxe Alexa Costume, Child SmallView Now Barbie Cheerleader Costume, SmallView Now Barbie Ballerina Costume, SmallView Now Barbie Fairytopia Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends Halloween Sensations Mariposa Costume, SmallView Now Barbie in The Pink Shoes Halloween Sensations Kristyn Costume, MediumView Now Barbie Kitty Costume, SmallView Now Style #2 Barbie WigView Now Barbie Bride Costume, SmallView Now Barbie Merliah Deluxe Childrens Costume Small (4-6)View Now

More Halloween Barbie Dolls

Here you’ll not only find Halloween Barbies, but also a Ken doll, Kelly dolls, and others. Collect them all for a cool collection you’ll treasure always!

 Halloween Glow Barbie Doll Special EditionView Now Mattel Barbie Halloween Party DollView Now Boo-tiful Halloween Barbie DollView Now Barbie 2008 Halloween Doll Barbie Fashion SpellView Now Halloween Fortune Barbie Fortune Teller doll Target ExclusiveView Now Barbie Sweetheart Halloween Doll ExclusiveView Now Halloween Barbie Doll with Black Cat Special EditionView Now Barbie Halloween Wishes DollView Now EXCLUSIVE Barbie MINIATURE HALLOWEEN CAT Doll – 2014View Now Happy Halloween BARBIE & KELLY Gift Set Special Edition (1996)View Now Barbie Halloween StarView Now Target Special Edition Halloween Party Barbie and KenView Now Barbie Halloween PrincessView Now Barbie Halloween Hip by MattelView Now Barbie Halloween Star African American DollView Now Enchanted Halloween Barbie (Special Edition)View Now

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