Gray and White Chevron Bedding

Gray and White Chevron Bedding Sets Gray and White Chevron Bedding

Gray and white chevron bedding is a very popular look right now for both adults, teens and tweens. The chevron print is a zig zag, inverted “V” pattern that you see in many different things, from police uniforms to gas station signs.  The design has become quite the rage in clothing and home fashions.   The look of grey and white chevron bedding is sophisticated and classy. 

Marlo Lorenz Grey and White Chevron Bedding

The grey and white chevron bedding featured is available in twin, queen and king size sets.  It’s so hot right now, even Amazon can’t keep it in stock long before it sells out.  The gray and white comforter set from Marlo Lorenz includes the reversible comforter and two matching shams.  One side of the comforter features a grey/silver chevron print, the other side is a solid grey.  It comes with two pillow shams; you can add your own chevron throw pillows.

 Modern Chevron Stripes in Grey and White Classic Chevron Charcoal Grey and White Thick Chevron Pattern in Gray and White Design

Chevron Bedding Sets in Gray and White

These gray and white color combinations are from JoJo Designs and come in a variety of sizes.  Each one has it’s own bedroom decor accessories available so you can customize your look personally.  Each set includes the comforter and pillow shams.  Sizes featured here are queen; twin and toddler, and crib bedding sets are also available.

 Yellow, Gray and White Chevron Bedding, Queen Turquoise, Grey, White Bedding, Queen

Chevron Prints and Designs in Bedding

Chevron bedding sets come in a variety of colors and sizes, you just have to know where to look.  We personally did my daughter’s bedroom in a grey and yellow chevron design and it came out very nice.  Grey chevron bedding looks modern and hip in a young girls room but I could also see myself using the print in our master bedroom as well because it’s neither masculine and feminine in style. This style blends well with many different decor elements and has a neutral appeal while still holding its own. Gray and white are the most used colors when it comes to bedding sets.  Whether they are used together or in conjunction with another color, grey and white are the two most highly used colors in this style.

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