Gifts for Home or Office : Uplift Your Spirit With Lovely Blooms

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.” – Luther Burbank (

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I heart flowers. I heart art. Who doesn’t? Flowers uplift your spirit and can bring you joy each and every day. I heart gardens. Sadly everything you “heart” you can’t always “have”.

If you have a garden and love gardening, you are blessed. We (my husband, some of my kids and me) have always wanted to grow perennials. But when it comes to gardening, my green thumb is nonexistent. My kids don’t seem to have a green thumb either. My husband has an allergy to tending gardens. Planting the seeds is where he begins and where he ends his labor of garden love.

(Just a little real life Family Circus humor.)

So I have resigned myself to imagining what the Garden of Eden must have looked like, admiring the gardens of others, and enjoying lovely images of flowers through art and photographs. If you have access to lovely photographs or artwork, you can always brighten your day or someone’s day by sharing them.

Floral art pieces make wonderful gifts for any occasion and floral arrangements (real or silk) will always be well received.

Even tea comes in the form of pretty flowers.

Artist Dreama Tolle Perry |
Collection: Fresh Cut Flowers
Description ‘Color Song’ by Dreama Tolle Perry


Benchmark Bouquets White Elegance, With Vase

Nearly Natural 1270 Mixed Floral with Azalea and White Wash Planter Silk Flower Arrangement, Assorted


Beach Flower – $5.00

Fresh green tea delicately hand-crafted with essences of lychee and cantaloupe into perfect spheres. Indulge in the delectable aroma and flavor as this artisan tea unfolds to reveal an exotic flower. Optimize your experience and delight of this true art of tea by infusing in large, clear glassware. Approx. 7 bulbs per tin.Caffeine Content: MediumTasting Notes: Fruity, Light, Floral

More gifts for tea lovers

For the Beginning Gardener


The Well-Tended Perennial Garden – $34.95

Practical garden book for the beginner gardener. Step by step instructions for planting, where to plant, and on maintenance.

A Pictorial Guide to Perennial Plants – $24.99

A complete guide to basic cultural needs, and identification of perennial flowers and foliage plants for the landscape. Helmer and Hodge.

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