Garden Charm Flags

Garden Charms Garden Flags

These Garden Charm flags are absolutely adorable and will be the talk of the neighborhood. Most of us have garden flags to hang by our mailboxes or in our gardens. The garden charm flag take garden flags to the next level. They have a 3D appearance that is not found on any garden flag. They will be getting an extra look for sure, especially with a napping puppy gently swaying in the wind.

A Garden Charm flag is a fun and whimsical way to show off your love for your favorite pet or even your favorite pass time, just lazing in the sun.

Some Garden Charm Flags are partially inflatable and are weighted with beads in key areas to create a plush stuffed animal appearance. The weight also gives your Garden Charm Flag stability from any strong wind but will also allow them to sway gently. A gentle rocking motion to keep them comfy and cozy in their sleep.

Garden Charm Flags are easy to display with a standard garden flag holder. Simply hang each end of the garden charm flag on the flag holder. You can place anywhere in your yard by simply pushing the holder into the ground or grass..

Sleeping Dachshund Non-Inflatable Garden Charms Flag

Sleeping Dachshund Non-Inflatable Garden Charms Flag

This adorable and non-inflatable Sleeping Dachshund garden flag has a beautiful 3-D shape. Soft foam and weighted beads have been meticulously added in key areas for a plush feel and extra wind stability. Made with SunTex polyester fabric with fade-resistant coating and tight satin applique stitching. These will sway gently in the wind.

Non-Inflatable Garden Flag Size: 17″ x 12

Dog and Cat Garden Charms

Have a favorite pet that you absolutely adore? Let them sleep in their hammock, snoozing away and gently swaying in the breeze.

 Garden Charm, Puppy Nap Time, 18-Inch Garden Charm, Dream on Puppy, 17-Inch Garden Charm, Dream on Kitty, 19-Inch Garden Charm, Kitty Takes a Break, 17-Inch Garden Charm, Cat Nap, 17-1/2-Inch

Bird Garden Charms

Who says birds have to fly? They love cozying up in their swing for a much needed rest or even a cold drink because after all it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

 Garden Charm, 5’O Clock Somewhere, 16-Inch Garden Charm, Cockatoo Takes a Nap, 28-Inch Garden Charm, Lady Flamingo, 27-Inch Primitive Birds Garden Accent 19 Garden Charm, Harriet Humming, 30-Inch

Non Inflatable Garden Charms

Wow the family and friends with these cuter than cute whimsical garden charms that will be the showstoppers of the neighborhood.

 Garden Charm, Poison Dart, 18-Inch Garden Charm, Tree Frog Hammock, 18-Inch Garden Charm, Monkey in Banana Peel, 18-Inch Garden Charm, Surfing Penguin, 18-Inch Garden Charm, Cape Hatteras,

 Bamboo Panda Non-Inflatable Garden Charms Flag

What’s cuter than a panda munching on some bamboo and swaying in his hammock in your garden. This non-inflatable Panda garden flag will last for years to come. Made from a durable material to withstand the elements and sun, keeping the vibrant colors season after season.

Non-Inflatable Garden Flag Size: 16″ x 18″


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  1. What a lovely collection of garden charm flags! I definitely love the ones with birds and the superb colorful garden charm flag featuring a butterfly :D

  2. Oh the garden charm flags are adorable! I love all the dogs, of course!

  3. Gypzeerose

    I can’t wait until spring to actively start gardening. These garden charm flags add charm and beauty even if you have a black thumb!

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