Fun and Functional Hot Water Bottles

These Unique Hot Water Bottles are Fun for Kids and Adults!

Kids and adults will enjoy these fun and functional hot water bottles. Whether you want one that resembles a sweater, or a novelty hot water bottle with an animal theme, you’ll find lots of cool selections below.

These unique hot water bottles make great gifts for family and friends. They can be used for hot or cold therapy just as a normal hot water bottle can. You’ll find many designs and styles of hot water bottles here.

Stay warm, ease tired muscles, or relieve arthritic pain with these fun hot water bottles. Bring a smile to someone’s face with a cute novelty hot water bottle cover.

Every household needs at least one hot water bottle on hand for aches, pains, strains, etc. Make sure yours is a welcome sight to all who use it.

Transparent Hot/ Cold Water Bottle with Deer Knit Cover, Red

NIPOO 2 L Transparent Hot/ Cold

Transparent Hot/ Cold Water Bottle with Snowflake Knit Cover, Red.

Made of Thermoplastic polyurethane, thick & safe
Leakproof design, holds the heat longer than traditional rubber bottles
Textured surface on one side prevents it from getting too hot to touch
Can be used as hot or cold therapy
Size: 7 x 14 inches. Package: one bottle with a cover


Knit Hot Water Bottles

These hot water bottle cover resemble winter sweaters. They are fun yet functional, and can be used as cold or hot therapy.

 2 Liters Premium Classic Rubber Hot Premium Classic Transparent Hot Water Bottle Large 2 Liter Soft Cute Hot 5 Packs – One 2L Hot Thermotherapy 2 Liter Full Size Natural Children’s Rubber Hot Water Bottle w/ NIPOO 2 L Transparent Hot/ Cold 2 Liter High Quality Hot Water Warm Tradition Heather Gray Cable Knit Warm Tradition Lots of Love Knit Warm Tradition Blue & Beige Diamonds Thermotherapy 2 Liter Full Size Hot Mokale 2 Liters Premium Classic Rubber Warm Tradition Green & Blue Stripes NPW Hot Buddies Woodland Bear Hot NPW Hot Buddies Patchwork Owl Hot Warm Tradition Rainbow Stripes Knit Covered Warm Tradition Red Cable Knit Covered Nordic Mini Hottie – Cute Patterned Warm Tradition American Flag Knit Covered NPW Huggable Hot Water Bottle Red NPW Huggable Hot Water Bottle Winter NPW Huggable Hot Water Bottle Aqua Thermotherapy Hot Water Bottle With Luxurious

Hot Chicks Bow Tie Penguin 750ml Hot Water Bottle

NPW Hot Chicks Bow Tie Penguin

Keep the chill off with this adorable Bow Tie Penguin hot water bottle! This medium hot water bottle features a removable knitted cover with Velcro closure.

750ml rubber hot water bottles in cosy covers
Knitted designs with appliqued felt and embroidery detail
Zip-up fleece back
Dimensions are 11.5″ H x 8″W


Novelty Hot Water Bottles

These cute hot water bottles are especially fun for kids, but adults will enjoy them, as well. Show your fun side with these unique hot water bottle covers!

 Lovely Blue Elephant Design Hot Water Lovely Animals Series Design Hot Water Lovely Design 600ML Hot Water Bottle Lovely Animal Series Design Hot Water Lovely Elephant Design Hot Water Bottle Magoriums Childrens, Kids Soft And Furry Lovely Blue Dots Elephant Water Bottle Cozy Critter Aromatherapy Neck Warmer – Lovely Cherry Mini Hot Water Bottle Lovely Cartoon Design Hot Water Bottle Novelty Hot Water Bottle Gift With Lovely Cartoon Design Hot Water Bottle Lovely Fruit Series Design Mini Hot Lovely Fruits Series Design Mini Hot Lovely Fruits Series Design Mini Hot Warm Tradition Lamb Hot Water Bottle Peterpan Adorable Plush Hippo 2-liter Hot Peterpan Adorable Plush Dog 2liter Hot Peterpan Adorable Plush Teddy Bear 2-liter Peterpan Adorable Plush Puppy Dog 0.8-liter Peterpan Luxury Plush Teddy Bear 0.8-liter HomeTop Premium Classic Rubber Hot or Cute White Alpaca Hot Water Bottle HomeTop Premium Classic Rubber Hot or

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  1. Hot water bottles are a good idea for the winter

  2. These are wonderful ideas! I bet you can figure out that I’m in love with the doggie hot water bottle covers. Why have an ordinary hot water bottle when you can glam it up with a cool hot water bottle cover!

  3. Hahaha, I remember my grandmother putting hot water bottles in our beds in wintertime. They were ugly but beds were so warm, it was a pleasure to go to sleep even though we would have liked to stay awaken longer. With the bottles above I’m sure I’d have once again lots of pleasure going to bed – and this makes me think that without any heating stuff in my bedroom, I could have one or two for cold winters :D

  4. Oh I love them all and I want one for each of my friends and my sisters! Old folks like us love hot water bottles!

  5. klash

    These are so pretty. I didn’t know they such an assortment of hot water bottles.

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