Porcelain Franz Teapots

Franz Porcelain Collection of Teapots

Franz Teapots are each a work of art. Add to your fine collection, and display these beauties in a China cabinet or throughout your home.

Each teapot is intricately detailed and made of the finest porcelain. The 3D sculptures on each of these teapots make them unique and interesting.

You’ll be proud to display these teapots on your stove, on your dining room table, or anywhere else in your home. They make lovely additions to dinner parties and afternoon teas, as well.

These quality designer teapots also make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life. Start your collection today, or help someone else get started on theirs!

Franz Porcelain Peacock Design Sculptured Porcelain Teapot

Franz Porcelain Luminescence Magnificent PeacockView Now

Peacock decor is very popular and highly desirable today. This gorgeous peacock inspired teapot by Franz Porcelain is absolutely stunning and will make quite the production on your stovetop.

Each piece is crafted in the finest porcelain, and hand-painted by Franz artists to achieve its vibrancy and vitality.


Franz Porcelain Bamboo Song Bird Design Teapot

This striking oriental inspired teapot features a bamboo-looking handle with a songbird sitting atop the bamboo. This unique teapot is a work of art and finely crafted by Franz Porcelain. Each piece is created with the utmost care and is detailed with an exquisite design.

Franz Porcelain Bamboo Song BirdView Now


Floral Designed Franz Porcelain Teapots

These pretty floral designed teapots are intricately detailed and made of fine porcelain. You’ll be proud to display these teapots on your stove or in a China cabinet. Collect them all for a unique collection that you can pass down to future generations for all to enjoy.

Click on photos for details and pricing.

 View Now View Now View Now


Franz Island Beauty Hibiscus Sculptured Porcelain Teapot

Franz Island Beauty Hibiscus SculpturedView Now

This Hibiscus teapot is island inspired and is both beautiufl and functional. Franz Porcelain creates each piece as a work of art.

It is FDA approved to be food safe, and it’s microwave safe.

It is recommended that you do not wash it in the dishwasher to preserve the sculptured porcelain details and paint.


Franz Porcelain Teapots in Flower Designs

Whether you prefer the pretty blue poppies or the elegant yellow sunflowers, either of these Franz Porcelain teapots will make a lovely addition to your kitchen or dining room. Use them for decorative purposes only, or for boiling water for tea and other hot beverages.

Franz Porcelain Van Gogh Sunflowers teapot Franz Fine PorcelainView Now

Animal Teapots by Franz

Porcelain Animal Teapots

These animal inspired porcelain teapots by Franz are whimsical and fun. They are functional yet pieces of art for your home. These cute little jungle animals will keep you company as you cook, and they’ll help you entertain family and guests, as well. These are great conversation starters, too!

Click on photos for details and pricing.

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The Serenity Poppy Flower Design Sculptured Porcelain Teapot

This striking Serenity Poppy Porcelain Teapot from the artisans of Franz Collection brings cool navy blues and rich, warm reds together with the inspiration of natural beauty to create a breathtaking and functional conversation piece. Crafted in the finest porcelain made from pure Chinese clays, Franz Collection’s pieces of collectible porcelain make a refined and original statement about your sense of harmony with the organic world even as they mark you as an art lover of refined taste.

Franz Porcelain The Serenity PoppyView Now


More Beautiful Franz Porcelain Teapots for Your Enjoyment

Bring a touch of art into your kitchen with these beautiful Franz porcelain teapots! Throw a tea party, or simply display these for all to appreciate.

Click on photos for details and pricing.

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Franz Porcelain Long Tail Hummingbird Design Teapot

Franz Porcelain is created using the finest Chinese clay and glazes. The beautiful colors are created by it’s under glaze decorating techniques; the quality of which is measurable by the fluid shading and reflective depth of color on each item. The sculptured accents of delicate butterflies, fragile flowers and other motifs superbly illustrate Franz Porcelain creators’ intricate skills. Franz Porcelain is uniquely notable for its successful combination of traditional Chinese character with styling inspired by classic Art Nouveau designs.

Franz Porcelain Long Tail Hummingbird Design TeapotView Now

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