Fisher Price Classic Doodler with Two Stamps

Fisher-Price Classic Doodler with Two Stamps

Our two year old granddaughter has a fascination with all kinds of writing instruments. She has washable markers, crayons, and chalk and will also pick up pens from my desk if she can reach them. She was doing her artwork on the walls, the couch, her legs, the table, or any other surface she could reach. Her projects were just too big to contain them to a single sheet of paper. The world was her canvas! We needed a solution to keep our house and furniture safe.

For her second birthday we got her a Fisher-Price Classic Doodler with Two Stamps. It was and is her favorite gift and a week after the party she’s still playing with it. I’m not saying that she still won’t pick up a writing instrument and make art where she shouldn’t, but most times she reaches for her Fisher-Price Classic Doodler. She’s figured out how it works, how to draw on it, and how to erase her work. The stylus is tethered to the Doodler so she won’t lose it. She likes to get her “tabet” and sit on the floor with it. Then she invites you to “sit” and draw with her. “Sit,” she’ll say. She doesn’t understand why Grandma and Grandpa have to do this at a table or on the couch. I’m afraid getting down on the floor no longer works for us.

Fisher-Price Classic Doodler with Two Stamps

Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Classic Doodler with 2 Stampers, Purple

The Fisher-Price Classic Doodler has a slide eraser that makes it easy for kids to erase and start over. It’s durable and the handles are easy for little hands to grasp.

The recommended age is three years and up but our 2 year old loves it. It’s great to take along on car rides for when little ones get bored.

The product measures 16 x 1.5 x 12 inches and holds up well to toddler use. If you have a toddler in the beginning stages of creativity, drawing, and writing, consider this Doodler to save clean up and to keep your child entertained.


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