Dog Bowls For Long Eared Dogs

Shopping For Long Eared Dog Bowls

If you happen to have a dog in your family that has long ears, it is important that you are able to find the best food and water accessories for ease of feeding. Long eared dogs feeding bowls will give you exactly what you need to make sure that your four legged family member is able to enjoy each meal or drink of water without issue.

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Non-Skid Long Eared Dog Feeding BowlNon-Skid Long Eared Dog Feeding Bowl

When you go with a feeding bowl for a dog with long ears, you end up with a unique design that is generally narrower at the top with sides that slop to prevent the ears from getting into the water or the food. To make these dishes even better, you can usually get them with a feature that keeps them from skidding around or from tipping over.

Feeding Bowls for Pets With Long Ears

If you have a long eared dog and you have noticed that he or she seems annoyed when it comes time for dinner to get a refreshing drink of water, you need to think about changing up the feeding system that you have. The last thing that you want to see is that your Cocker Spaniel seems to drag her ears through her water when she drinks or that you have a Basset Hound that has issues when it comes to picking up kibble at dinner time.

Stainless Steel Long-Eared Dog BowlStainless Steel Long-Eared Dog BowlPETish Spaniel Bowl for Long Ear Dog (Large ( 27oz - 7.5 x 6.0 x 3.7inch ), Banana Yellow)PETish Spaniel Bowl for Long Ear Dog (Large ( 27oz – 7.5 x 6.0 x 3.7inch ), Banana Yellow)Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl for Dogs and CatsSlopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl for Dogs and Cats

Non-Tip Bowl for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Chip-resistant stonewareNon-Tip Bowl for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Chip-resistant stonewareEthical Pets Neat Dog Bowl, SmallEthical Pets Neat Dog Bowl, SmallTrixie Long-ear bowl, stainless steel, plastic coated,15 cmTrixie Long-ear bowl, stainless steel, plastic coated,15 cm

No matter what type of dog you have, you will always see that long eared dogs feeding bowls will make for a wonderful investment. If you do not have dogs yourself, yet you know people who do, these specialty dog bowls can also make for the perfect gift that shows plenty of thought. The end result will be happy dogs without wet, messy ears.

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