Dog Beds That Sit Off The Floor Canada

Why Choose Dog Beds That Are Raised Off The Floor

If you are a dog owner, you need to be able to find the best possible bed for your pet to enjoy around the house. While there are a wide variety of bedding options that you can pick from, you should know that there are a lot of benefits that can come from selecting one of the different raised dog beds that are available.

Elevated Dog Bed

For Comfort

A bed that is elevated will be more comfortable for your pet as he or she will not be curled up on a cold floor during the chilly Canadian winter months. During the summer, air is able to easily circulate under the raised bed that will also work to keep your pet a lot cooler. Additionally, you will usually find that your dog will be less likely to get up on your regular furniture if they have a raised bed of their own.

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Off The Floor Pet Beds

For Protection

A bed that is raised up off of the floor will also offer a good bit of protection from debris that your pet would otherwise come into contact with while laying down on the floor. Pets will also be less prone to developing a flea allergies if they are able to get up far enough off of the floor comfortably.

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Portable Elevated Dog Beds


Raised dog beds can be a lot more convenient than ordinary dog beds meaning that a lot of them are portable and easy to take along when you are going on vacations or traveling. Some of these beds will also have options for a covering that you can use to shelter your pet from insects and the weather when you are going to be outside.

Overall, you will see that raised dog beds are a wonderful option that have great benefits for you and your pet. All you have to do is pick the perfect style to fall in line with your budget and needs.

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DIY Elevated Dog Bed

Volunteers at the Columbus Dog Connection show you how to build a PVC Elevated Dog Bed.

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