Dog Backpacks

Dog Backpacks

Dog Backpacks are a great way to keep your dog focused while walking, hiking or just out about the town.

Dogs, by nature, want to have a “job”. By placing a dog backpack on your dog, he will feel like he is doing his job. He will have less desire to chase those squirrel’s or bicycle’s rolling by because he is working. They are being challenged both physically and mentally by carrying a backpack. A dog carrying a backpack feels more confident and can help high energy and nervous dogs feel more calm.

For hikes and long walks, you can have your dog carry their water, dish, ball and everything you will need for a day out with your favorite companion.

A Few Things About A Dog Backpack

A dog may take some time to get used to wearing a dog backpack. Start with an empty backpack and slowly add more weight so that your dog will get used to the additional balance needed to carry the weight.

Backpacks should not be used on puppies or older dogs, doing so could cause a back injury to your dog. With puppies you start to train them using an empty backpack so they are used to having one on their back.

Choosing the right dog backpack is important. Take into consideration what you will be using it for. For walks around town, a lightweight backpack would be best. For hiking or camping, a more durable, waterproof dog backpack might be what you need. Make sure that you do not make the backpack too heavy for your dog, 20% of their body weight is the recommended weight. So a 50 lb dog should carry no more than 10 lbs. Water is heavy so if your dog is carrying his own water that could add up very quickly.

Your Dog’s New Job

Make sure that you get the right size dog backpack for your dog, measure your dogs chest and follow the recommended sizing.

Your dog may will need to take some time to get used to his new gear. Let them smell it and get used to it before you place it on your dog. Initially put an empty backpack on him so he can get used to it. Let him walk around the house with it on. He will need to get used to the additional size and just may get stuck in the doorway. Work with him until he is used to wearing and balancing his new accessory. Slowly add weight, you can use a water bottle in each side, so he can adjust his balance and walk comfortably.

This should be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your dog, reward him with treats as he becomes accustomed to wearing his new backpack.

Dog Backpacks

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Happy Backpacking

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