Cupcake Trinket Boxes

Cupcake Trinket Boxes Make Awesome Gifts for Family & Friends!

I love trinket boxes! They are small, delightful treasures, and they are so much fun to collect and display, or to give as gifts for any occasion!

Trinket boxes can hold buttons, coins, and other small trinkets…thus the name “Trinket Box.”

The trinket boxes featured here are all made to look like cupcakes. There is a nice variety to choose from, and all ages will love these!

Place a cupcake trinket box in a gift basket or Christmas stocking for a pleasant surprise, or add them to your collection of cupcake or trinket box collectibles.

Pink Cupcake Trinket Box Bejeweled

Pink Cupcake Trinket Box BejeweledPink Cupcake Trinket Box Bejeweled

~A very cute tronket box, that can be a reminder of your sweet tooth
~Detailed with swirls of pink on a baby pink base , hand-painted and decorated with rhinestones
~Comes in attractive satin lined gift box that is perfect for gift giving
~Made of Pewter and Austrian crystals
~Dimension: L: 2.3 inch x W: 2.3 inch x H: 3 inch

Cupcake with Cherry Trinket Box

Hand Set Swarovski Crystal, Hand Painted

Cupcake with Cherry Trinket Box, HandCupcake with Cherry Trinket Box, Hand

~Hand Set with Swarovski Crystals
~The Inside Of The Box Is Finished With Lovely Hand Painted Enamel
~This Lovely Hinged Box is Hand Painted with Fine Enamel Over A Solid Pewter Base.
~Packaged In A Beautiful Ciel Collectible Gift Box

Welforth Cupcake with Strawberry Jewelry Box

Welforth Cupcake with Strawberry Jewelry BoxWelforth Cupcake with Strawberry Jewelry Box

~Measures 3 x 2 x 2 inches
~Made of quality pewter enameled in vivid color
~Magnetic clasp for easy & secure closure
~Gift boxed
~Made by Welforth; imported

Fun Idea

Instead of an ornament exchange party, consider throwing a trinket box exchange party!

Cupcake Trinket Boxes

These little trinket boxes will hold rings, earrings, buttons, marbles, and other small trinkets. Add them to your collection or give them as gifts to family and friends.

 Pink and Blue Macaroon Cupcake Trinket Box Butter Cupcake with Chocolate Heart & Cherries Faberge Styled Trinket Santa Claus Holiday Cupcake Hinged Trinket Box phb Westland Giftware Catherine Holman Ceramic Trinket Box, 4.25-Inch High, No.1 Westland Giftware Catherine Holman Ceramic Trinket Box, 4.25-Inch High, Tweet Cupcake Necklace in Trinket Box with Faux Crystal Gems Frosted Cupcake with Sprinkles Hinged Trinket Box phb Koala Cupcake Trinket Box (Set of 6) Special Celebrations Cupcake Trinket Box Conversation Concepts Pig Pink Cupcake Trinket Box (Set of 6) Mandrill Cupcake Trinket Box (Set of 3) Grasslands Road Christmas Cupcake Necklace in Trinket Box – Set Cupcake Trinket Box, Hand Set Swarovski Crystal, Hand Painted Pink Turtle Cupcake Trinket Box (Set of 6) Ganz Initial Cupcake Trinket Box – Letter R Special Celebrations Cupcake Trinket Box by Ganz – Thinking Of Elephant Cupcake Trinket Box (Set of 3) Ganz Cupcake Trinket Box – Thank You Cute Cupcake Trinket Box Super Sweet Ganz Special Celebrations Cupcake Trinket Box by Ganz – I Love Jaguar Cupcake Trinket Box (Set of 6) Conversation Concepts Giraffe Cupcake Trinket Box Rabbit White Cupcake Trinket Box (Set of 6) Squirrel Gray Cupcake Trinket Box (Set of 6) Best Friends Cute Cupcake Trinket Box Super Sweet Ganz Westland Giftware Catherine Holman Ceramic Trinket Box, 4.25-Inch High, Happy Westland Giftware Catherine Holman Ceramic Trinket Box, 4.25-Inch High, Sweet

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