Cooler With Bluetooth Speakers And Blender

Cooler With Bluetooth Speakers And Blender

I’ve never seen anything like this until one day I was scrolling down my facebook timeline. A video was shared of a cooler with bluetooth speakers and blender. I was indeed intrigued, it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I guess that is why they named it the coolest.

This all in one cooler with blender is truly a portable party in a box. When you see all the features this cooler has you will say WOW this is the cooler with everything. It even has a blender on top. Can I get you a drink?

Coolest Cooler Video

The Coolest Cooler Amazon

Cooler With Built In Blender And Radio

Shown to purchase is the orange cooler with blender. However there are three colors available lime green, classic orange and blue moon.

 Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange

Coolest Cooler Features

Cooler With Bluetooth Speakers And Blender

• 55 Quart Cooler
• Can Support Over 600 LBS.
• Ice Retention Up To 5 Days
• Built In Bottle Opener
• LED Light In Lid
• Built In USB Charger
• Blue Tooth Speaker, splash proof
• Blender Built In With 20V Rechargeable Battery
• Removable Divider/Cutting Board
• (4) Built-in Plates, (1) Ceramic Knife & Corkscrew
• Aluminum Telescoping Handle

Up Close Details Of The Cooler With Bluetooth Speakers And Blender

Coolest Cooler Images

When you’re ready to have the ultimate picnic bring out this all in one cooler with blender. Everyone will invite you to their next get together. Tailgating, beaching, boating or just plain old outdoor fun, this cooler will help get the party started.

First pack your cooler with ice and your favorite beverages and blend up a cocktail or a smoothie. What’s a party without music? Connect your smart phone to wirelessly stream music to the removable bluetooth speaker up to 30 feet away. The little box can really put out some sound, much better than the old time stereo. You can adjust the volume and skip songs right from your phone.

Does your phone or camera need a recharge? This cooler can do that too. You may as well get the most out of that battery for the blender, right? On the side is a built in water proof USB charger.

When the sun goes down you can find your favorite drink easily with the water proof LED lights that are built in the lid.

Usually when the family wants to go for an outing you have to haul lots of items to your destination. What a pain right? You’re tired before you even get started. This cooler has double-wide rubberized wheels with locking tie- down bungees so you can carry all your stuff in just one trip.

It also comes with a few essentials for a picnic with built in storage. Reusable plates, cutting board and ceramic knife. The removable divider gives you the option to keep drinks with ice. You can pull the drainer on the other side and you can pack things to stay cool and dry. No more soggy sandwiches, gross. This cooler with bluetooth speakers and blender can really make your outdoor experience much better.

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