Christmas Mantel Scarf

Christmas Mantel Scarves

A Christmas Mantel Scarf over your fireplace creates a beautiful scene for your Christmas theme. Your mantel provides an additional area for you to decorate with a Christmas Mantel Scarf, lights and the best of all, Christmas Stocking Holders. All a glow with the soft light from your fireplace.

Christmas Mantle Scarf

I love the look of mantel scarf, it’s one of those finishing touches that make your decorating complete. Christmas Mantel Scarf set the foundation for your theme, for what ever season or holiday, and give you yet another area to decorate for Christmas.

Placing garland or candles and even hanging Christmas Stockings brings in a warm finished look that you will be proud to display.

Mantel Scarves come in different sizes and widths so it is important to measure your mantle for the correct size and drape.

Lighted Christmas Mantel Scarf

 White Lighted Light Christmas Holiday Lace Mantel Fireplace ScarfView Now

This beautiful Christmas Mantle Scarf is made of polyester lace which makes cleaning easy. The 10 white lights will shine bright to enhance the lace and also comes with 4 red and 4 white replacement bulbs. Approximately 98″ X 20″ and is long enough to create a beautiful drape on each side of your fireplace.

Lighted Christmas Mantel Scarves

These Christmas Mantel Scarves have the added feature of lights which will give off a soft glow to any mantel decorating you want to do.

 Lighted Christmas Candles Mantel ScarfView Now Lighted Christmas Ornament Mantel ScarfView Now Lighted Christmas Angel Mantel ScarfView Now Lighted Snow Icicle Christmas Mantel ScarfView Now Lighted Holiday Velveteen Mantel ScarfView Now Lighted Christmas Poinsettia Mantel ScarfView Now

Christmas Mantel Scarf

Christmas Mantel Scarves come in different widths and lengths. It is important to measure your mantel to ensure a good fit. Your mantel scarf can cover just the top of the mantel or you can have a longer mantel scarf to create a drape on each side of your mantel.

 Christmas Holly Berry Mantel ScarfView Now Christmas Poinsettia Mantel ScarfView Now Christmas Poinsettia Candles Mantel ScarfView Now Snowman Cardinal Christmas Mantel ScarfView Now Snowman Winter Christmas Mantel ScarfView Now Park Designs Christmas Star Mantle ScarfView Now Silent Night Nativity Lace Mantel ScarfView Now Christmas Poinsettia Mantel ScarfView Now Kringle Christmas Mantel ScarfView Now Christmas Embroidered White Candle Mantle ScarfView Now Christmas Embroidered Bells and Candles Mantle ScarfView Now Christmas Poinsettia Embroidered Christmas Mantel ScarfView Now

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