Christmas Card Holders

Christmas Card Holders

Christmas Card Holders are a great way to display the many heart felt Christmas Cards you receive from your family and friends.

Even in this day of internet communications many people especially our families and close friends still send Christmas Cards that are send with a special message that is to be conveyed. Opening a Christmas Card in the mail will always bring a smile and a chuckle and now it is a special gesture that means that someone went out of their way to send you a message. A message of love and friendship that deserves to be displayed with pride.

Christmas Card Holders

Christmas Card Holders are an awesome way to display those prized Christmas Cards that the special people in your life take the time to send to you. Receiving mail, especially those special thoughts, is always welcome. It shows that the people in your life have taken the time out of their busy days and life to take the time to show you how much you mean to them.

Receiving a Christmas Card in the mail is not like getting that “facebook ecard”, it’s special, it’s exciting and it make a huge impact.

Christmas Card Holder

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Classic styling of this Spiral Wreath Greeting Card Holder means you can use it all year long. Looped wire has an antique bronze finish. Wreath is handmade and easily hangs on a wall. Use at Christmas for holiday cards or year around for pictures, notes, mementoes and other lightweight items. Wreath is 14.5-inches diameter.

Christmas Card Holders

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Merry Christmas

From our family to yours.

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