China Storage Cases

China Storage Cases

China Storage Cases are essential in keeping your china from breaking, chipping and free from damaging dust while storing them for your next big event. The next time you need them there will be a full set with not one chip or crack.

Many families, mine included, have a set of china that is passed down from generation to generation or perhaps you have a set that you received as a gift or for your shower. In order to protect these heirlooms, it is important to store your china correctly and securely so that you can pass your china down to the next generation.

Keep Your China Year After Year

My mom had a set of china that my grand mother gave her that she passed down from her family in Germany. The set is over 80 years old. My mom had her prized china on display in her china cabinet for all to see. Every so often a piece as broken or cracked and my mom pain stakingly replace every chipped, cracked or broken piece, searching for a replacement.

She finally got a set of China Storage Boxes and Cases to store her china in and they protected her china for many years. Every holiday she would unpack her china and not a piece was broken, chipped or cracked and each piece came out free of dust and dirt.

She loved her china and it was passed down into our family along with the China Storage Boxes and felt liners to protect it for the next generation to come.

Dining Plate Sizes

The dinner plate is used more than any other plate. It is used to serve the main course at all meals, formal and informal. Modern dinner plates measure from 10 to 11 inches across.

The round salad plate is made in two sized. The larger salad plate is about 8 to 8.5 inches in diameter, the smaller 7 to 7.5 inches.

Dessert plates are ornately decorated. They are specialized plates about 7.25 to 8.5 inches in diameter, used at formal and informal meals, and made not as part of a dinnerware set.

The bread-and-butter plate is used to separate bread and butter from sauce, gravy, and juices from other foods on the plate.

China Storage

 InThiSPACE Twill Hard-shell Round Plates Protector (Set-of 4)Check It Out

Stylish and durable is the name for these China Storage Cases. Made from durable twill fabric with fiber-board hard-shell insert and zipper closure. Each China Case holds up-to 12 plates in four different sizes and Includes fabric separators and name card holder. Storage for plates up to 11″, 9″, 7-1/2″ and 5-1/2″ in diameter

China Storage Cases

Whether you are in the market for a matching china protector set or want just one size, these will give you the option to fit your needs and protect your china.

 Richards Micro Fiber China Storage CasesCheck It Out Quilted China Storage CasesCheck It Out Richards China Storage CasesCheck It Out Honey-Can-Do China Storage CasesCheck It Out Hagerty China Storage CasesCheck It Out Homewear China Storage CasesCheck It Out Richards China Storage CasesCheck It Out Household China Storage CasesCheck It Out Household China Storage CasesCheck It Out

Damask China Storage Case

 Homewear 8-Piece Hudson Damask China Storage Container Set, TanCheck It Out

This beautiful 8 piece Damask pattern storage set to protect your all your Holiday and special dishes! It is made out of a soft quilted microfiber which is soil resistant. It is quilted for extra protection and includes plate dividers with full perimeter zippers.

Plate Dividers and Protectors

While most sets include plate protectors to prevent chips and crack in your china during storage, it doesn’t hurt to keep a few extra to make sure that you are protecting your china from any damage such as chips and cracks.

 Evelots Soft Felt Plate ProtectorsCheck It Out Felt Plate Protectors, GreyCheck It Out Felt Plate Protectors, TanCheck It Out


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