Celebrating Ireland: Leprechauns, Shamrocks, St. Patrick, Celtic Music, and an Irish Christmas Holiday!

EXCERPT: “The country did especially well in categories measuring social equality, health issues, culture and contributions to world order. “

Hmmm …? What country are they talking about?

Blimey! Begora! and all that jazz! What country do you think?

Did not know there was such as thing as a “Good Country Index” but it certainly is no surprise that Ireland topped the list for being the “goodest” country in the world.

They have leprechauns, shamrocks, Celtic music, and of course, the bountiful blessings bestowed on them because of the benevolent work of the man revered as Saint Patrick. How could they not be good? :)

In the USA, the month of March is dedicated to celebrating Irish-American heritage. Glad to have much of the culture, customs, practices, and traditions of this good people woven into the fabric of the United States of America.

Reference link: Ireland is officially the ‘best country in the world’, says study

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Let’s celebrate Ireland and all things Irish!

Ireland has the bragging rights – It’s the Goodest!

Celebrating All Things Irish Includes …

Leprechauns, Shamrocks, St. Patrick, Celtic Music, and an Irish Christmas Holiday!

Magnet With Ireland Leprechaun Lying Up Against His Pot Of Gold Under A Rainbow

Historic Ireland Tea Towel or Kitchen Towel

Set of 2 Kelly Green St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Microfiber Kitchen/Bar Towels

This lovely Irish shamrock wind chime comes gift boxed with a well-known Irish saying.

Irish Shamrock Wind Chime with Jewels and Green Enameled Metal and Chimes 15″H

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day

Celtic Moods : Musical Reflections of Ireland

Neat idea! Never made a Christmas stocking before! Have you?

Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking Kit: Irish Santa

Irish Night Before Christmas, An (The Night Before Christmas Series)

If you’re not from Ireland or you have never been to this lovely country, is Ireland on you bucket list of “Places to See”?

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  1. I would like to visit Ireland and my husband wants to play golf there too!

  2. Beautiful thoughts about the wonderful world of Ireland. Would love to viskt someday and now you have made me long for it more.

  3. CherylFay

    Irelend would be fun to visit someday even though I no Irish. Nice selections of products.

  4. Ireland is a magical place… some great products on here.

  5. MareeT

    So many cute items. I love the Shamrock Towels set!

  6. Gypzeerose

    Visiting Ireland is one of my dreams. If I can’t do it I will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here at home!

    • Gypzeerose

      Visiting beautiful Ireland is still very much one of my dreams, it is totally on my bucket list! Your lovely Webnuggetz makes it even more appealing.

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