Cats In Art: Beautiful Cat Art

Cat Art To Admire And Enjoy

Humans have a long standing relationship with cats. They influence our lives in big ways (and sometimes completely run our lives). It’s only natural that we’d enjoy pictures of them.

Here is some cat art for you to consider. Whether you want photos, whimsical drawings or figurines, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on cat art that you’re going to find and there are tons of items to choose from.



If you like the poster to the left,
you can get it here from Zazzle:
I Love Cats Poster

Photographic Cat Art

These prints are photographs of cats. They would look great on your walls as is or you can get them framed. All different breeds are represented here. You can get Siamese or Spinx or just plain cats. There’s a pretty kitty with two different colored eyes and even a group of cats dressed up as the Village People.

Baby Cat Art


If you prefer looking at the babies, here are some adorable ones. They’re mostly sleeping but some of them are wide eyed and ready to play. There’s even one enjoying riding around in a pocket

See more kittens here:
Baby Cat Art

Big Cats In Art

Don’t forget the big, wild cats. These kings and queens of the jungle would look great on your walls too. You can choose from lions, tigers, panthers and others. You can get pretty much any type of big cat that you like.

See more big cat art here:
Big Cats In Art

Horse & Cat Art Print

Here’s a cute cat who’s made friends with a horse. Even though the cat is smaller, which one do you think is the boss in that relationship?

Horse & Cat Art Print

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  1. I love this beautiful cat art! I own several cats, and can never get enough of them ;)

  2. Gorgeous Car art that everyone would love

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