Gardening Presents For Women Gardening is a relaxing way to spend a little time outdoors enjoying your surroundings. You really don’t need a “green thumb” to dive into gardening just a desire to watch and wait for your flowers, fruits, or vegetables to peek through the ground and become a fledgling plant. Gardeners should not […]

Gardening Presents For Women

Decorative Downspout Extensions Downspout extensions are a necessity for every home and although your home undoubtedly comes with them, you know those plain white ones. Why not make them an accent in decorating your yard. Not only do these downspout extensions change the landscape of your yard, they perform an important function of home maintenance […]

Decorative Downspout Extensions

Handy Uses of Garden Benches With Storage Underneath Gardening is a great activity for people during the summer months. Growing a garden can provide inexpensive food that the gardener knows is 100 percent organic, and it can be a great family activity as well. Children are very interested in the process of preparing the soil, […]

Plastic Garden Bench With Storage UK

Organic Garden Details & Tips Organic Gardening Details offers tips and information on organic gardening, landscaping and so much more. Growing tips, pest control, and expert advice from the professionals are all featured at Organic Gardening Details. Along with so many wonderful and helpful organic gardening tips, you will find products for your garden featured […]

Organic Gardening Tips

Gardening Totes A garden tote will hold your garden tools, gloves, and other essentials, as you tend to your plants, flowers, vegetable garden, yard, and more. Prune trees, remove weeds, plant things, and do any other type of gardening with ease, when you have all of your garden essentials handy and close at hand in […]

Garden Tote Bags

Garden/Yard Mobile Rolling Carts Gardening Yard Mobile Carts You’ll find a both practical and decorative gardening cart featured here. Carry your garden tools, fertilizer, gloves, and more with you when you plant or work in your garden or yard. These rolling garden carts will make your life easier, and your gardening more enjoyable. Some of […]

Gardening Carts

Flower Planters That Looks Like A Tree Stump If you’re a pinterest junky like me there’s no doubt that you’ve seen flowers planted in a hallowed out stump. I absolutely adore that look, but what if you don’t happen to have a stump in your yard? Genius, they actually make planters that look like a […]

Tree Stump Flower Planter

AeroGardens & Other Hydroponic Systems AeroGarden – Hydroponic Garden AeroGarden – Accessories AeroGarden – Indoor Gardens are just the perfect solution for growing your garden indoors. You can grow anything indoors with this fool-proof system and it is 100% guaranteed as well. Read the information and watch the videos below for a complete understanding of […]

AeroGarden Hydroponic Systems

No Matter Your Skill as a Gardener: You Can have a Beautiful Rock Garden Rock and stones can help you create a beautiful garden: with just a few stones, with or without plants that grow in harsh conditions, you can create a beautiful garden even if you have a black thumb like me! Rock gardens […]

How to Make a Rock Garden No Matter your Skill

Edible Landscaping: Decorate your Lawn with Fruits and Vegetables Edible landscaping: landscaping with fruits and vegetables is one of the thriftiest and fun to bring healthy fruits and vegetables into your home. And with ornamental vegetables it can be even more beautiful than a yard! Many people have found that by raising food instead of […]

Edible Landscaping: Decorate your Lawn with Fruits and Vegetables

Garden Charms Garden Flags These Garden Charm flags are absolutely adorable and will be the talk of the neighborhood. Most of us have garden flags to hang by our mailboxes or in our gardens. The garden charm flag take garden flags to the next level. They have a 3D appearance that is not found on […]

Garden Charm Flags

Garden Hose Hanger Have a house? Then you have a garden hose and some of us have more than one hose. Is your hose laying in the bushes or curled up in a ball somewhere in your yard? Tangled? Annoying? These garden hose hangers are the answer for you. It is easy to get that […]

Garden Hose Hanger

Ergonomic Gardening Tools One of the most favorite hobbies is gardening. Spring is in the air and we can’t wait to get out and start digging and planting in the soil. As much as we love gardening, the constant bending and digging and pushing can take a toll on our bodies and we can definitely […]

Ergonomic Gardening Tools

Outdoor Sinks Don’t you just wish that you had an outdoor sink while you are working in the yard? Wouldn’t it be so convenient to be able to have running water and sink to rinse off your garden tools or water the plans? To be able to have a outdoor sink to help you complete […]

Portable Outdoor Sink

Gardening Gloves For Thorns I love gardening and getting my hands in the dirt to plant but there are those time when you really need a good pair of gardening gloves, especially when pruning or cleaning out under bushes. These gardening gloves for thorns are made specifically to protect your hands and arms from thorns, […]

Gardening Gloves For Thorns

Garden Tool Organizer A garden tool organizer is a must have for most people. Whether you own a home, condominium or rent an apartment, there is some type of garden. Keeping your garden tools organized keeps all your gardening needs together making it easy to complete your clean up or maintenance. Garden Tool Organizer Depending […]

Garden Tool Organizer

Staking Tomatoes Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetable plants to grow. To ensure that your tomato plants grow those big and juicy tomatoes that you love, your tomato plants need to be staked. Staking Tomatoes It important that tomato plants, or any other heavy vegetable plant like eggplants, be staked. The heavy weight of […]

Staking Tomatoes

How To Ripen Green Tomatoes During the summer, one of my favorite things is pick off a big juicy tomato out of my garden. Nothing tastes better. When autumn comes I always have quite a few green tomatoes left on the vines. There are many ways to ripen those green tomatoes after the first frost. […]

How To Ripen Green Tomatoes

Leaf Scoops Leaf Scoops are one of “those” things that are a must have in your arsenal of gardening tools. They are a wonderful gadget that you can use year round. Easily and quickly pick up not only leaves but any debris that are in your yard, without getting your hands dirty. The ergonomic design […]

Leaf Scoops

Rain Gauges Rain Gauges accurately measure rainfall with large digits and clear measurement lines so that you can easily see how much rain has fallen. Rain Gauges are functional and fun with their creative designs that will surely be an added accessory in your outdoor decor. Many come with a garden stake that can be […]

Rain Gauges

Beekeeping Gifts, Guides and Supplies – Beekeeping in the City, Town and Country More and more people are getting into the gentle art of beekeeping, and it is more and more likely that you will be around someone who is starting beekeeping and needs some guidance, is already into beekeeping and needs some supplies, or […]

Beekeeping Gifts, Guides and Supplies

These Gorgeous Garden Ornaments and Decorations are Made in the USA Nothing makes me happier than a garden, and it is especially nice to know that there are garden decorations and ornaments that are made in the USA! It is fun to know that you can help American businesses and make your gardens beautiful too! […]

Made In America Garden Gifts

It Yard Clean Up Time Every fall and spring it’s yard clean up time. Got Leaves? I do, lots of trees and lots of leaves. I really don’t mind the raking, I kind of enjoy it. It’s putting all those leaves in the bag that’s a killer. Trying to hold the bag in one hand […]

Leaf Bag Holders

Portable Greenhouses & Greenhouse Tents A portable greenhouse and greenhouse tents are a great way to grow your own produce in the comfort of your back yard! Grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, plants, and flowers in your portable greenhouse and enjoy them with family, or sell them for profit. These greenhouses and tents will keep the […]

Portable Greenhouses

Victorian Fencing Adds the Final Touch for a Gothic Garden It is not enough to fill your garden with black flowers if you want to create a gothic garden. While the black flowers and plants are the beginning, it takes your creative choosing of accessories, borders, and decor to make the gothic theme come to […]

Romantic Victorian Garden Fencing for a Gothic Garden

Black Flowers Add Mystery to Any Garden With gothic clothing and culture becoming more and more trendy, avid gardeners are looking for ways to extend the culture into their gardens by breeding extremely dark hued plants and flowers, some that are truely black. These plants can be used for a gothic themed garden when combined […]

Black Plants for a Gothic Garden

Patio Gardening and Stackable Planters I am a patio gardener. With my work schedule it is no longer possible to tend a full scale garden. I love these stackable planters that make it easier for me to keep my beauties fed and watered without spending a lot of time stooping and bending. The height of […]

Patio Gardening and Stackable Planters

Organic Gardening Made Easy Nothing shouts springtime like planning your new garden. The beauty of watching the gorgeous greens and beautiful blooms is exciting. Then the fruits and vegetables of your labor become ripe and ready it’s a great feeling of accomplishment. It’s sometimes hard to feel completely safe from harmful pesticides when you purchase […]

Organic Gardening Made Easy

Mom Loves Gardening Gardening brings such pleasure and joy to many Moms. Digging in the dirt, brightening the yard, exploring the world of herbs, or adding some fresh veggies for the summer dinner table is a wonderful, productive hobby.  And do we gardeners love something new to add to our comfort and abilities when gardening. […]

Great Gardening Gifts for Mom

The Best Way to Garden Are you held back from gardening by poor quality soil? Maybe its hard pack clay or too sandy? Raised garden beds can be the answer to your problem. With a raised garden bed you can control the quality of the soil you are planting in. This can be beneficial to […]

Raised Garden Beds

Planning Your Container Garden Careful planning of your container garden at the beginning will increase the likelihood of a successful garden. The first thing that you want to decide is whether you are having an outdoor or an indoor container garden. Some people believe that container gardening is for indoor plants or patios but they […]

Container Gardening Is A Great Way For New Gardeners to Learn!

Glass or Polycarbonate Greenhouses Glass greenhouses are the perfect solution for growing vegetables or flowers! These structures fit nicely in your yard for easy access, all the while adding beauty to it. You’ll love the selection I’ve showcased here! If you have the room, why not get one for vegetables and one for flowers?! Get […]

Deluxe Greenhouses for the Yard
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