Cars 2 Toy Review – Lightning McQueen Atlas

Lightning McQueen has indeed captured the hearts of many kids with both the Disney Cars Movies. Now with Cars 2, he has traveled across the world, and can now share it with his beloved fans with the Lightning McQueen Atlas, a wonderful Vtech toy for all to enjoy.

lightning mcqueen atlas

Lightning McQueen Atlas Features

This Lightning Mcqueen toy is certainly a great way to open up the world to our children. There are many levels of fun and learning children can enjoy on this Cars 2 toy. The learning levels introduce the different countries, continents, oceans, capital cities, places of interests in each part of the world and more. There is a separate level that teaches them the languages that are being spoken in many parts of the world. With the Lightning McQueen Atlas, kids can learn a lot about other countries even before visiting them.

Lightning McQueen can then join you on fun games that explores the world even further. This Cars 2 Toy also comes with a quiz mode that tests the knowledge that you would have gained by exploring the learning segments. Lightning McQueen quizzes your child and asks them to press on the right circle of continents, capitals and countries in which favorite spots around the world are in. This Cars 2 World Atlas toy also asks True or False questions that tests your child’s understanding of the globe.

Fun Games on the Cars 2 Atlas

The Cars 2 toy is not just about learning with no fun. Join Lightning McQueen as we try and guess what country or spot on the world he is thinking about. Is it near Asia or Africa? Try a few points on the world to find out. You can also create wonderful race routes on this Cars 2 toy so this fun race care can enjoy a great race across the world. Take a look at this video to learn more about this Lightning McQueen toy.

Disney Cars Toy Review Video

Take A Look At The Atlas in Action

Love the Disney Car World Map Atlas?

The Lightning McQueen Atlas from Cars 2 is indeed a fun and educational toys for children to learn more about the world and geography. What a fun way to introduce a great subject to children at such a young age. Now travel on around the world with your child on your very own Cars 2 Lightning McQueen toy for kids.

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