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Burger King

The History of Burger King

Burger King is a fast food giant that has been around since the early 1950′s and is still going strong today. Burger King is known best for its Whopper sandwich and is one of the best burgers around. Taking the family out for a whopper at Burger King was a big treat for us kids as we was growing up and now I have the same times with my kids when we go out for a Whopper at Burger King. Recently while out my youngest was asking the cashier how old Burger King was and where it began at, I found the questions and answers interesting and wanted to share them and to learn more about the history of Burger King and the best Whopper ever.

Beginning of Burger King

Burger King was originally started in 1954 when James McLamore and David Edgerton opened a fast food establishment know as Insta-Burger King located in Jacksonville Florida. The success was so good that the duo opened over 40 locations in Florida and in 1959 they renamed the company Burger King. Burger King has expanded today to have locations in all 50 states, United Kingdom, Australia and is expanding into other locations around the world.

Burger King Home of the Whopper

The Whopper is the most popular sandwich on the menu at Burger King and is served at all its locations. The Whopper got its start in 1957 and was originally sold for 37 cents. The original whopper was made of a 1/4 pound hamburger patty served on a sesame seed bun with lettuce,  tomato,pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup and onion. The Whopper is available in several sizes including the smaller Whopper Jr.While the Whopper has seen several changes in its history it still remains the best selling menu item at Burger Kings world wide.


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